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Taking sexism out of science fiction: Peace Lords a Max J. Carter original creation

Most of my life most of my friends have been women. There has been an ongoing complaint from women I have known over the yeas about the sexism in how female characters are developed and portrayed in the realm of science fiction. 

Peace Lords is my personal solution to the issue. I am currently drafting out my characters for what is going to become a graphic novel. The main characters are all women and that includes the two Peace Lord characters. 

The first character I drafted out is a young women who is a rookie Peace Lord. Let me introduce you to Rose St. James. 

Peace Lord Log Entry

Name: Rose St. James

Planet of report origin: Earth

Planet Date: June 15th 2056

Report: I know these reports are supposed to also act as our journals. A place for Peace Lords to reflect back on their experience and remember the lessons learned to avoid repetition of some of them.

It’s my first day as Peace Lord and I am at Peace with being the Pacifist Protector that is a Peace Lord.

That is our motto for a reason. It’s allows us to do what we do with the energy most call chi. I must always remember I am a conduit to the energy that protects me and it is not under my control.

It’s best to make sure I remember this and never need a lesson by getting my ass handed to me as I did so many times in training.

The armor fits well and fortunately my breasts are small enough almost no alterations were needed. I have heard it can take a while and the armor never really wears comfortably. When I asked why they said it was due to the armor being designed so that you would never know if it was a male or female or what species of biped it was under the helmet.

Other bipedal species with large pectorals also have issues at times with their armor not just human females. Not all species have the females that have the breasts.

One of the things I have the hardest time believing when I read the history of our world Earth is how caught up we were in appearance. I grew up with non Earth life. The way the history reads it was 2016 when the Arcturians made their presence known for the first time.

The others came shortly after and they had discovered several races that had already been here. The reason the