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Ten things I learned from Tantra.

I took from it what I needed in concept which is the following:

1. We each have an insatiable beast within and the goal is to get the beast to see the value of taming itself

2. That is how you unify mind body and spirit

3. Once the beast known as lust seeks the surrender of intimacy, true deeply connected intimacy, it accepts nothing less in order to come out from hiding now that it knows its place, because the beast has seen the damage it brought to the soul and has learned to avoid damage just because it can take it.

4. Learn to not have and enjoy it

5. Learn to quell the endless hunger of want

6. Take sex out of the equation

7. Reintroduce it when you can see your partner’s body as a temple and see their soul.

8. Total surrender with total focus on exploration of the sweetness of the temple and how to subtlety seduce and progress with patience and love and allowing two to become one with no ending or beginning to one another in the moment of eternal connectedness

9. Sex is just a metaphor for creating a bond and truly mating your soul to another and creating more humans.

10. After that a bunch of bullshit.

Ten things I learned from Tantra.