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The Ego and the Psychospirilosophy view

The idea of the ego to me is a process that begins with the essence of us that is the emotional self that is an imprint created by the emotional state and experience of our parents before our conception.

That process never ends and is in a constant state of refinement.

The sum total of the individuals your parents were at the moment of conception went into the DNA coding that created your life.

Everything we are is coded in our DNA. Genetic coding information that creates the parameters or loose structure for our existence in the human form.

While in the womb we absorb everything our mother thinks and feels and exposes herself and us too. Think of it this way, just because you didn't watch the horror movie she was watching while she was pregnant with you, does not mean that you did not experience the emotion of it, in fact you experienced it with safe guards and the beginning of the split between the conscious and subconscious begins.

Everything that would send you into a state of arrest due to the strength of the emotions, both positive and negative, is channeled through the subconscious and back to your mother who has the ability to deal with the emotional stress. Now if your mother has repressed and suppressed feelings, these will naturally become a part of your subconscious mind.

Things hidden away that will come to surface as you have the experiences to purge and identify these feelings that must be allowed to take form in order for you to understand why you are the way you are and give you better options to do something about it.

As you see before you're even born your parents screw you up. Everyt