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The Empath Life

Often goes largely argued.

When you spend your life rebuilding people after traumatic events you tend to get a thick skin and develop a twisted sense of humor. Here’s why.

I have heard every story you never want to hear about what humans can and have done to each other in the forms of physical and mental torture also known as abuse. I have seen the results of it sitting before me or on the other side of a chat session from me ever since I can remember.

Every single Empath I have ever met could have written those last couple sentences.

Most of the work I do ends up being charity work. Here’s why.

The people who do make it to me are usually in the middle of their life falling apart and are in transition. Often homeless or doing everything they can to stay above water. Me personally I can’t look myself in the mirror to say no when one of these people approaches me and starts telling me about their life.

I give them the time they need to see how they can heal themselves and guide themselves better through the choices they make starting with how they talk about themselves.

For abuse survivors self talk saves their life.

Their ego saves their life.

“I’m not taking this any more.”

“I don’t deserve this.”

It’s sentences such as these that save lives. I never saved a single life in my life though I have had several tell me I saved theirs. I didn’t. I only assisted them in saving their own lives by making better choices. I gave them the guidance I had and my view of the situation. The ones who have comeback and said thank you are the ones I was the most brutally honest with. 

I have always said that tough love is the hardest love to give as it often means the parting of ways.

On the other side of every tragedy is comedy waiting to happen.

At times it might look demented, however I prefer to think of it as strategically twisted. Twisted with purpose.

The most harmful aspect of PTSD is that the mind will make it pleasurable in some way to survive the trauma.

You don’t want to know the details of what can create pleasure from pain. It’s a waking nightmare for those who live with PTSD.

It’s a fine line some days between finding something funny for yourself because of the life you lead and thinking everyone should find it funny. Crossing that line is what gets a lot of us in trouble. From our side it’s funny even though some others may not think so.

Here’s an example.

A friend on Facebook posted a quote that said “Be a bringer of light.”

Here’s why I was laughing.

If you study religious texts the way I have, you will eventually come across references to Lucifer as The Light Bringer.

Where it gets more not funny for those of the Christian faith is when you see that both Lucifer and Jesus are referred to as the Morning Star.

So last night I was joking with my sister and said. “You know how in the Bible god goes from vengeful to love everyone, well what if Lucifer is Jesus and in making Jesus your savior you sell your soul to the Devil?”

I though it was funny.

I get why a lot of Christian will take it personally and get a little a pissed off.

For the record I do not think that Jesus is the Devil and I do not think those who have accepted Jesus as their savior have sold their souls to the Devil. I just thought it was a funny idea.

I am also the guy who wants to make a cartoon at some point with the premise of Jesus and The Devil being married and Jesus is the wife. Personally I see it as a metaphor for marriage in particular as men have to clean up their act for their wife who is always trying to get them to behave better.

The Empath life is about seeing it from every view you can and finding your view within it all taking a little from everywhere and never really seeing anything as being written in stone. Even with the writing I do on my site, I look at that as a jumping of point for further exploration and discussion.

For me the reward comes not from the compliments or the number of shares, it comes form the people who comment and find a new direction to take with what I have presented. I love the compliments and the shares, what I am saying is the great reward I patiently wait for is always that next comment that is going to challenge my mind while appreciating those who appreciate me.

As an Empath I am always looking for as many sets of eyes to see the world through as will allow me the privilege of finding the beauty in the way they see it.

To do that, tell me how you see it, in your words and let the expression of you be seen and felt.

Remember we are all blessed, so act accordingly.

The Empath Life

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