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The Harm of Secrets

Why does one desire to keep a thing a secret?

This decision is often made to either wield power or because one feels powerless.

To keep a secret one will seek power for the sake of the secret. In doing so, one will open oneself and other ones to harm. One will seek to wield power over others in order to keep a secret.

The point of life is to learn and share and grow so one can evolve. One who does not share will not evolve and will harm oneself and other ones.

The Sage holds no secrets and only answers the questions asked. When the Sage offers answers, the Sage will often issue warning to go with the knowledge one wished to attain so one can apply it wisely to one’s life.

To seek to wield power over other ones is harmful to one and other ones and is not in the best interest of the sum.

The Harm of Secrets