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The Holy Trinity of Storytelling

The Holy of holy trinities for filmmakers and storytellers of every kind is the concepts of Story, Character and Context and how they work together in your narrative to create a story that captivates and entertains an audience or sees them playing MST3K the home edition, talking mad shit about your shit.

The first, last and most important thing anyone in film needs to understand is the relationship between context and character as it applies to the story. Producers, Directors, Writers, Actors, Costume Designers, Set Designers, Special Effects Creators and everyone else needs to understand these concepts for a film to become something that marvels audiences for decades. To even have a chance at creating something that reaches in and takes the emotional investment that audience feels is an art form.

The films we associate with greatness are the ones that get that emotional investment from us in some way, form or fashion that makes it unforgettable and leaves a lasting imprint on our very soul.  It could be a great Comedy or a great Horror or a great Scifi film that left us emotionally connected to the experience caught forever in time by the magic of movies.

Storytelling is an art form not a business model. This is why right now one of my favorite known directors is Christopher Nolan. All his work has an artistry to it that shows a mastery of context and character and how to create stories I can’t forget.

As for one of my all time favorite directors, you have probably never heard of.

I met Dom Portalla over 8 years ago when I had first started using the name The Movie Whore and one of his actors approached me. Dom had finished his first feature length film, DUALITY. Ken, the actor who played dual roles in the film as twin brothers asked me for some notes on the film. I didn’t write a critics review. I wrote a critique on technique and art. I watched the movie two or thee times to make sure I had everything that would be beneficial to the filmmaker while noting the stuff done well. In this case I had discovered a man with an eye behind the camera like few others in history, a true artist with a true gift for visual storytelling.

We’ve lost touch over the years however I know Dom is out there somewhere right now either shooting something or working on shooting something. It’s in his blood and who he is and he could never find happiness in life doing anything else. That’s what it takes to become a great filmmaker.

You make movies because you can’t imagine doing anything els