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The Hunters Moon

The October full moon is called “The Hunter’s Moon” and the essence of the spirit of this moon’s energy honors the True Hunters that feed us all.

The True Hunter kills only to survive and uses all the kill to provide for life. This in action is how the hunter honors the spirit of the kill.

The True Hunter honors the spirit within all living things and gives thanks to the sacrifices all living things have made so the hunter may live. This includes the spirits of the plants that are killed so the hunter may live.

The True Hunter never kills more than is needed to sustain the hunters life.

The True Hunter never takes joy in the act of killing.

The True Hunter finds joy away from the hunt.

The True Hunter is patient in preparation for the hunt.

The True Hunter is dead in the hunt.

The True Hunter is silent in the hunt.

The True Hunter seeks to kill with mercy.

The True Hunter mourns the kill.

I pray to be fed by the True Hunters or become one myself and I honor the spirit of The Hunter’s Moon.

The Hunters Moon