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The last book I ever read

The Suicide Flowers by Pete Conrad is the last book I read cover to cover. Here’s why.

Several years ago I had just started The Movie Whore website. I met Pete on another site as he was trying to find someone to run a Bruce Campbell interview he had done.

Bruce Campbell is the King of B Movie actors and he owns it. I’m a fan and I jumped on the opportunity to run the piece. Pete and I got to talking and he threw me a copy of The Suicide Flowers.

Not only did I read it cover to cover, I’ve lent it out to many.

The story starts with Rae Messiah, the lead singer of Aluminum Jesus, getting ready to play a show in his hometown.

Rae and A.J. have been seeing dwindling numbers over the last couple of years and it feels as though their rock star is dimming out.

While at home Rae goes to visit a leukemia patient as a PR booster.

Gabriel has been fighting leukemia with his wife by his side for years. The one thing they dream of is having a child and a family.

While Rae and Gabriel visit events take place that show Rae why his star is dropping out of the sky and what truly makes life worth living.

It’s about family.

Family is the people who will always take you in or take care of you when you can’t take care of yourself.

To me there is always two families in my life, the one I was born to and the the one I meet along the way.

The Suicide Flowers may have been the last book I ever read cover to cover for entertainment however it’s not the last thing Pete ever wrote or I ever read cover to cover to cover. I actually spent the first couple years with Pete editing his scripts and a couple of books.

Time well spent. I can write great blog pieces and a nifty short story here and there and people seem to like my poetry.

Do I really need to add full length books and screenwriting?

I specialize in simplicity.

Looking for different ways to simplify my understanding and share it out in a more simplified version that is easy for people to relate to and understand regardless of their education.

I don’t have the right frame of mind for what Pete and other Authors do in the way they are able to create a world in their mind and let a story develop and flow through them. It’s an art and Pete Conrad is a master artist.

When I