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The Love is Free the Sex you Pay for

I’m a Hippy with a Rock ‘N’ Roll heart.

I look back at the free love movement from decades ago and I can clearly see why it failed.

Today I wander about and talk with many and the common theme is psychedelic drugs and taking that kind of trip to expand consciousness and awareness. For me total sobriety is what most describe an acid trip as.

I was born with that total awareness.

The drugs are a cheat and a shortcut to use instead of doing the work. I’ve spoken with many who have taken so much LSD that it has forever changed them and not in helpful ways.

Cosmic Alchemy 101.

To receive one must give.

When we shortcut it we give up chunks of ourselves to what or whoever we are using to shortcut it.

Some use sex.

In fact there was a guy that was selling sex as a way to super-consciousness with the idea that a man should only orgasm once a year.

Quick biology lesson.

For men it’s actually healthy to orgasm several times a week and reduces prostate swelling over time. It actually keeps the prostate functioning better over time.

The free love movement of long ago included fuckin’ anyone because “Hey man it’s all about the love so why not?”

Here’s why not.

In sex we exchange pieces of our souls with each other. Over time we become ingrained into each other and telepathic communication increases. When we give our bodies to whoever, we’re creating a chaotic mess within us and sharing those we have taken on with whoever we are exchanging pieces with now.

We are the sum of all we take on and in.

We fracture our soul and give away facets of our soul in exchange for a fuck, an orgasm that we feel entitled to because it was consensual and it was legal so why not.

You can damage your soul to the point where no matter how good you look on the outside you need to take on more and more from others. What does this look like?

We don’t always exchange the best of us for the best of them. Often one gets the best of it and the other is left with the rest of it or worse yet, left feeling hollow as if there was no return, no exchange.

People who use people for their good time rarely if ever give anything back. They take and take and take.

The other night I set myself with the intent to give pure love. I received it back up until I met one human. After that I had nothing left to give as this human unknowingly drained me out. They thought they were doing me some good and it backfired.

The intent was a good one, however they made an assumption about what I needed instead of talking to me to find out.

Then I was led into an environment that for me is harmful. Again an assumption was made without finding out why I stay outside and don’t go in.

Again the intent was to attempt to assist me, instead it injured me and required I take protective measures to protect myself.

I often find myself in positio