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The number one reason why I use beBee, no anonymous profile views

In the years I have spent on Linkedin this has been an ongoing complaint from the members and has been discussed in many of their groups and posted on updates and people have written articles begging Linkedin to knock it off. 

Now we have beBee and no need to bother Linkedin, we can just come here. 

When a social networking company refuses to listen to it's members it gives them every reason to go somewhere else once someone else builds something that matches what the consumers are looking for. 

Why is this anonymous profile viewing a big deal to me and so many others?

In a word, Stalkers. 

If you have never had one it does screw with your life and can cause you to feel as though you are still being stalked when you can't see who is viewing your profile. Having a stalker can be traumatic for the one being stalked. I have had more than one. I have talked to several women on Linkedin who have had the same issue. 

For those who have had this issue in the past beBee makes sense. 

You can relax and know you are going to see who is checking you out.

You can feel safe.

You don't have to undergo the stress of wondering who just viewed you. 

It's my favorite beBee feature that creates security in the community we are helping them build by being here.

Thank you beBee for working to make it a safe community that let's us feel secure in being here.

The number one reason why I use beBee, no anonymous profile views

🐝 Fatima Williams Hace 5 d · #30

No anonymous profile views. I know right @Max🐝 J. Carter It's a great point to factor when calling new bees over. It's creeps me out not to know who viewed my profile. Why not show yourself even if your a recruiter I don't mind my candidates knowing that their profile was looked at. This gives them a boost to make their profile more compelling to their current job role or targeted future jobs ! Great points on WhybeBee sharing it right away ! #beBeesforever

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Max🐝 J. Carter 9/12/2016 · #28

#26 @Lisa Gallagher as a veteran it's this use of the military that is most likely false that upsets me on a personal level as I have had similar experience and as a veteran my integrity means a tremendous amount to me and it was something that the military really reinforced for me.

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Neil Smith 9/12/2016 · #27

Couldn't agree more about anonymous profile views Max. It is annoying and creepy. Potential employers don't send burglars to grab a resume from your desk and this, to me is no different. It is just a licence for stalkers to stay hidden in the shadows.

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 9/12/2016 · #26

I receive anonymous views on Linkedin a LOT. I don't care for that aspect either. I understand they allow this for potential employers to view profiles but it's still creepy. Like @Franci Eugenia Hoffman, I can't tell you how many connection requests I received from Military personnel and their resumes were basically the same, as if copied and pasted with no 2nd degree connections.

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Preston Vander Ven 8/12/2016 · #25

I don't think I every noticed it from a security point of view. But, now that I've read this, probably 2-5 of my weekly visits are anonymous profile views or the same person on Linkedin.

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