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The only Meditation you’ll ever need

There is a meditation industry built around creating something unique to sell people on. 

If you had the time to lose
An open mind and time to choose
Would you care to take a look
Or can you read me like a book
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When you find yourself talking to your reflection in the mirror, you already have a good idea something is not right in your life. One of best pieces of dialog from the film HOLLOW MAN with Kevin Bacon was this line said by a character who had become invisible.

It’s amazing what you can do… when you don’t have to look at yourself in the mirror any more. …

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We have all played that game of what if I was invisible what would I do?

I’m over it, so we’re not going to do that here.

To look deep within yourself takes an open mind and a patient mind to take the time to accept what is being shown to you by you for you.

I have often found this one simple meditation has done more for the thousands for people I have suggested it to than anything else they had tried.  Here’s how simple it is.

Repeat these words until you feel your body take over the breathing.

I let go of everything

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Once you’re body has taken over the breathing, say this.

I go into the void of my own mind to learn what I need to know right now.

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That’s it.

Can I tempt you come with me
Be Devil may care fulfill your dream
If I said I’d take you there
Would you go would you be scared

Don’t be afraid you’re safe with me
Safe as any soul can be… honestly
Just let yourself go

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This meditation is a door way to allowing your higher self or your connection to the Universal Consciousness, The Big U or some might call it God that resides within each of us. It is this simple to establish that divine and sacred connection. That inner voice that you ignore and at times become fearful of is trying to get you to dive within instead o