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The worlds collide on the inside

I’ve been listening to Powerman 5000 for a few years now. Funny thing is I didn’t really start diggin’ in to the tracks Spider was throwin’ down until a couple years after I insulted him.

How many people become a fan of a band after they’ve met and insulted the lead singer?

What I didn't mention when I told that story was this. 

Spider looks pretty much the same off stage as he does on stage. That takes a dedication to the fans. Knowing they will recognize you and instead of hiding by taking the costume off he lets the fans find him. I was impressed by his dedication to his chosen profession and the way lives his image. 

I have WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE in The Church of Rock 'N' Roll playlist for a good reason. Let’s dive into the lyrics that for me are all about diving within.

what is it really that is in your head,
what little life that you had just died
i’m gonna be the one that’s taking over,

Taking the inward journey begins with letting the ego die and letting your higher self take over. Your higher self is your connection to what many would call God, in reality it’s our connection to existence and each other.

Those who’ve taken the journey get it, those who haven’t want to argue about it or want you to provide some sort concrete evidence that is all around them and they don’t even notice.

Somethings simply need to be experienced to be understood. The inward journey is about letting the world you think you know collide with the world as it really is.

now who’s the light and who is the devil, you can’t decide so i’ll be your guide

When you begin to see the functions of everything it turns it all upside down for a bit and trying to make sense of it without your high self there to be your guide is the fastest way to an I love me coat.

When I took my journey, I hit that point myself.

Like many others for a short period of time I had developed a God complex.

I was having trouble assimilating the massive understanding of what existence is and the role of each of us in it.

I’m human, no doubt about that.

I did see God’s job and I’m way too lazy. I also saw the Devil’s job, again way too lazy.

I have run into more than a few people over the last few years who have some interesting views about who they are and why. I have had people claim to be the following:


A Djinn

The Supreme Being


At one point I thought I was being trained to be the new Devil.

I was wrong.

I’m glad to be wrong.

Way too lazy.

Along this journey I had the guidance of my higher self showing me how I am just a human who can do some weird shit. With each of these other people I found a huma