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Translating Metaphor 101

One of the projects I am working on I call the Book of Khaos Majick. 

What the project actually is for me personally is taking the concepts of Wicca and Witchcraft and creating something that is uniquely my own that works without ritual and form or the need for invocations of deities and teaches how simple Majick is. 

To even begin this project required I studied magic and magick and several of the forms that are alive today being used by covens and individual practitioners world wide. 

In order to understand what I have studied I have to be able to understand the metaphorical meanings that have been placed by those who wrote it. All language is metaphorical and what one word or term means to one can change based on application of word in the context of the reality one is living. 

Our perceptions change the definitions of some words frequently.





These 4 words have no definitive definition and are subjective based on personal and agreed upon morality in the attempt to give them meaning.  

In the Protection through Right Action series I make mention of learning their metaphors to understand them better. 

All religious text is based in metaphor using stories to explain concepts in behavior that keep us from ripping each other apart like savages. This is not a new concept and was the basis of Joseph Campbell's life work on archetypes. I would recommend his work to anyone wanting to dive deeper into the details of what I am talking about. 

Any system whether it is one of magic, magick, politics, religion, education or society is bound by the idea that each one complies with the system or there are consequences. All systems that are introduced as being good for the masses are designed to create conformity of view of the shared reality to create for the system that is being used. 

We use language to communicate everything. All language is metaphorical. 

All religions are based in metaphorical understandings. 

Metaphysics is the metaphorical way of describing the physical universe. 

Science is metaphysics as is religion as is philosophy as is anything we use to help us understand who we are, why we are and what in the blue holy fuck we can realistically do about it. 

What meaning we give to anything is what it means to us and what we hope others will find meaning in. 

When one masters metaphors one can speak to many across many cultures as if one understands their language. Not different languages as in Spanish, Greek, Chinese or others, language of conceptual understanding, of spirit, of truth. 

There is an absolute truth to each and everything and each one of those truths has an infinite ways to be expressed with infinite metaphors. 

Magic and magick are about deity and seeking power though ritual and invocations and spells to enforce ones will in the shared reality. It is about focusing one's power and asking for more power than one has to effect change in one's life or another ones life. This is neither good or bad, nor is it right or wrong, it simply is. 

Majick seeks to remove the need for deity and invocations and spells and teaches one how to unleash one's true power from within and taking ownership of what one puts into the shared reality to be weighed out by the sum of existence versus begging one deity or set of deities to make it happen. 

Majick seeks to unlock the metaphors that you have been designing for yourself to use. These metaphors you have been building since birth and are imprinted into your DNA as behavioral cipher locks. When one truly knows oneself one understands what power one has and how to wield it best in the interest of the sum. 

Anyone can use anyone's magic or magick, however Majick is unique to who you are and can never be copied or stolen from one. One can give away one's power to be wielded over one and that is what magic and magick does. 

The metaphors of magic and magick are not dissimilar to Majick, only the mechanisms for what constitutes as a working are very different. 

For basic information and a start for studying up on what magic and magick are I would recommend Sacred A free resource and repository of material from across the world. 

I am off to do something. 

Translating Metaphor 101