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What are you fighting for?

Experience is the greatest teach there is and it is our experiences that mold and shape our fight or flight response depending on the situation we find ourselves in. The less experience we have the more apt we are to flee than face the fear and fight through it.

The unknown is the cornerstone for fear to build flight responses to different situations in life. Fear conquering builds the fight response.

It’s more complex than that when you take the variety of experiences there are to have in life and what can activate fear. In today’s age the idea of image or what other people are going to think is the single greatest motivator of the flight or fight response in our society in the United Sates so let’s use this as our example as we move forward.

My subconscious mind recalls every interaction I’ve ever had where I took the time to identify myself as an Empath, Telepath and a Medium. Up until recently most of these interactions led to the result of people not speaking to me anymore. Due to their lack of experience with people such as me and a lack of education, their fear of that unknown making itself known triggered fear and the flight response was chosen.

While they were in absolutely no danger they had encountered something unknown to them. We are programmed and have been for centuries that people such as myself have something wrong with them. In this country there was a time that someone such as me would have been treated as a witch and burned at the stake. Today they are more likely to attempt to call us mentally ill.

It’s not only the face to face interactions, it has also shown itself in my professional dealings as well. People will look at their image and what people will think if they are associated with me. The fear of having their image which is their career thus making it their livelihood is now perceived to be threatened by even being associated with me. The flight response has been chosen by many over the last couple years since I have been publicly out of the basement.

I use that term because a lot of people in the first year treated me as if I was a freak who should be locked up in the basement.

I have been given a lot of reasons to let fear choose the flight response any and every time I make mention of intuitive gifts and what they allow me to do.

What is the fight response in all of this?

In this area of life it is not so much of a fight as it is knowing that until more education in the form of experience is had by more people it will continue. In the second year I have found quite a few who are not only open and accepting, however I have been meeting more and more who do it too.

That takes fear and turns it into confidence based on experience. The Who put it best

I don’t need to fight to prove I’m right.

The need to fight is to resolve a conflict within or to face and fight the fear. For me there is nothing to fight in being public about my intuitive gifts. I’m doing something about the education of it by simply being me and acknowledging when I am using the traits I was born with that I have turned into honed skills when doing it publicly.

The only thing to fight is ignorance.

In the mean time I offer my services in my home town of Chico, Ca in group teaching sessions by donation. 

There is nothing to fight for me, it’s the people I educate who are fighting their own fear of the unknown.

There is nothing for me to flee from as they stopped burning people such as me at the stake a long time ago thankfully.

I am rewriting the psychology and have seen several shrinks in the last few years and the last one told me my process only needed one thing, go out to the middle of nowhere for a couple days every so often.

For me I took my own fight or flight response and allowed myself to fight the fear and say “fuck it I’m doing it anyway” knowing it is only a matter of time and education before they stop fleeing or thinking associating with me will kill their image. In time they will be saying “I met that guy once.”

There are times when the flight response is there for a good reason and I am pretty sure we can all come up with our own list of deadly things to step back and away from. What we fight for in life is our own decision and it’s the things that we usually define who we are with, that can have us ready to fight. It could be family, friends, gender identification, sexuality, being an Empath, we all got something we feel is part of who we are that sometimes feels as though it is a never ending fight for acceptance.

How we decide to deal with that fight response can define our lives in a variety of ways.

It can cause us to always be looking for a fight and we stop seeing the friends who showed up.

It causes us to not see others in their own struggle and allow us to be cold to them.

We can get so wrapped up in our own fight we forget we are all in the same fight to keep this human thing going for as long as we can.

We let our struggle become bigger than the human struggle to simply get along and be friends and the one earth family we are.

Be careful the fights you choose and how you decide to wage war and remember that all conflict starts within and once you stop fighting you, everyone else will too.

Also be careful in choosing what to flee from or you could miss something truly amazing.

As always I love questions so if you have any…

What are you fighting for?