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What if your resume was only a list of your favorite job and why

It sounds crazy as bat shit gets, but fuck it why not play in the land of fantasy for few. 

I think back over my life and its the jobs that were my favorite jobs that show up nowhere on my online profiles here and Linkedin save two. 

I wrote a piece once called Mr. Mom I lived it. 

Honestly it really was one of the most fulfilling jobs I ever had in life to date. 

Other career choices I made throughout life were less about trying to make it in a job and more about my love of film. 

After I left Oklahoma in 1998 at age 23 I had left a job where I was working 80 hours a week and often coming in on my day off to catch up on paperwork as a call center manager. When I moved back to Chico I decided I was 23 and young enough to start over and take some time to think about what I really wanted to do. 

I decided I was going to get a job at a video store. In 1998 there was no Netflix or Hulu and no one was posting anything but porn videos on the web for the most part. 

At Rays Video I had the opportunity for my life to imitate the art of my hero in film making, Kevin Smith. Kevin is my hero when it comes to film making because he did it all the wrong way according those who came before him and succeeded anyway. It was Kevin's first movie CLERKS that throughout his career has been called "not a real movie" to his face over and over yet has a cult following of millions. One of the more profitable movie ever made. 

Rays Video was part of the same building that housed Ray's Liquor, a convenient store. It was not that different from The Quick Stop and RST Video in the set up. The big difference was I was not in Jersey I was in Chico California and in the heart of the area of Chico known as College town. 

Chico is home to Chico State University a school originally started by Annie Bidwell for the local natives, who by the way can't afford to attend the school now. 

Chico in the 80's was infamous for being a party town and had several riots over the course of a few years due to this party atmosphere. 

The other thing my hometown is infamous for is the greatest marijuana grown on earth. 

Back to the job. 

What if your resume was only a list of your favorite job and why

I was Randall the guy with the hat on backwards. 

I was older than everyone around me including my boss and they were all college students. I loved this job because I first watched this film while I was working. My job was talking about movies with people and watching them so I could recommend them. The main reason I wanted the job was for free rentals and low to no stress. 

The job I had left was one where I was responsible for over 350 front line people and 12 supervisors and the profitability of the account i was managing.  

As a Clerk I was responsible for helping people find better entertainment. 

I left this job and went to work at The El Rey theater in Chico California in 1999 the month before Star Wars Episode One The Phantom Menace was released to theaters. I wanted to see it in the advance employee preview of the film and did. 

Again no responsibility whatsoever. 

The next one this list had everything to do with the shift and being in a college town. A cab driver working the night shift in a college town known for partying was mostly fun. Why it worked in Chico is because at the time there was no one verifying our meters at the end of the night. This meant taking barter or giving a free ride here or there was never found out about unless someone talked. 

The other thing my hometown is infamous for is the greatest marijuana grown on earth. 

Infer as you will and I will plead the 5th to all questions. 

As night driver we were the ride to and from the party. We were the rescue ride. We were the ride of shame. 

I saw every aspect of the results that going to a college because it's a party school can produce in the student body and it's not pretty. I picked up passed out drunk college girls off the sidewalk to keep them from being raped. There were several of us that did this kind of thing. There was a responsibility that went with this job. 

I loved it anyway. There was a sense of trust and camaraderie between the drivers that I have never seen in a corporate environment and I have only ever seen in the Military and in driving cab. We watched out for each other and picked each other up on the down nights. We kept each other going during the slow summer when no one made money because the kids left town. 

There was security and trust.

There was a lot of fun too. 

Doing what I do now, whether I have paying client or charity client makes no difference. The attitude I take is that I will give anyone 5 minutes of my time and after that it depends on what happened during that first 5 minutes. 

When I have no one I am working with at the time, I write a lot. 

It's in the writing that at times what I am writing about is a realization in the moment. Some concept I finally grasped to the point I felt I could explain it in my own words with out using copy and paste unless I am copying my own work. 

Bruce Lee said "Simplicity is the key to brilliance."

I am not sure I can ever put into words the feeling of watching growth happen before my eyes. Watching someone overcome right in front of me. Watching someone break cycles of abuse and self harm right before my eyes. Watching the beauty within them radiate for all to see. 

I am blessed to have this list of favorite jobs that includes what I am doing now whether I get paid or not. 

If the Shaman or spiritual teacher you are dealing with doesn't live that last sentence they will rip you off simply because they can. One does not do what I do to profit off of suffering and ignorance. Those who do similar work to myself do it because we see the need and we can.

Some call that being a leader, we tend to call it giving a fuck about our earth family and showing it.

Imagine if 7 billion people gave an honest fuck about the other 7 billion what this world could be.

Leadership is a mode of life that will never have anything to do with title ever. If you have a problem with that statement let's talk about why?

It's my job as a Shaman to assist people in understanding the bigger picture and removing the veil of their own ignorance. 

I love my job, do you love yours?

Chas ✌️ Wyatt 10/12/2016 · #3

I had an experience hitchhiking through Chico one time; maybe I'll share it with you sometime. It was a happy experience. A couple of my most enjoyable jobs was doing a one day photo shoot for a magazine ad and painting a float for the Pasadena Rose Parade(using my creative talents). In the photo shoot, the clients were from a magazine published in Florida and the Art Director was from Arizona and were flown up to the photographer's studio in Portland. We had catered breakfast and lunch and I got $500.00 for the day. Make-up mussed-up my hair and gave me a black eye. I was also an extra in one of Keanu Reeves' first movies for three days- most of us were only used for the first day and just hung out on the lawn the other two days and ended up playing charades on the balmy spring day, but, were paid for our time.

Deb 🐝 Helfrich 10/12/2016 · #2

#1 If you create this resume, @Suzanne Dwillies-Khan, Pharmacist and Musician might you actually then be able to see the job that you do out in the world?

I challenge you to actually make this resume.

I haven't even read the buzz, but I think it is a brilliant idea for most people.

+1 +1

Mine would be my music. even though I made no money on it

+3 +3