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What is willful ignorance and how is it abusive?

To be willfully ignorant one has to choose to ignore what is presented before them. 

This is often a result of not wanting to deal with whatever it is they are choosing to ignore. 

One who refuses to deal with things abuses themselves and projects that abuse into the shared reality. 

The abuse comes in the form of self talk that allows for harm filled behavior to continue.  

We are all connected and what we do to ourselves is felt by all on the subconscious level. It's easy to make the decision to ignore that fact of existence. 

To ignore that fact allows the one making that decision to ignore the actual harm they do and to be selfish in their desires and use many rationalizations and justifications for it. This is where the idea of earning more than others and just playing the game as it is comes into lay to absolve one of guilt. 

The problem is life is not a game and the score some rack up comes at great cost for many so few can elevate themselves in willful ignorance. 

Willfully ignoring that in order to climb in status one must crush others to do so and hold them down with everything it takes if they want to keep their status. 

This is what makes social media so dangerous. 

If you look around at all of your social media outlets from a detached view you will note it is more of a popularity contest than anything else. 

Otherwise why would we keep track of how many friends, connection, followers we have?

Why even have a mechanism for counting likes and stuff?

Without the intent of producing the result, the result is hierarchy based on social acceptance or to say it's high school rules. If you aren't one of the cool kids, well the cool kids will push you out and work at making you see just how uncool they think you are. 

You can watch the flocks as they metaphorically french kiss each others assholes.It actually gets to be kind of sickening to see. Here's why. 

They do it for image and don't really give a shit as long as it keeps their post flowing and the numbers going they will kiss any ass they have to. If someone disagrees the flock moves in to help them ignore and bury the opposing view in a layer of asshole french kissing. 

 For me I see it and I see everything wrong with the world. I see grown ass men and women acting like scared little children in front of the world showing exactly how loving and caring they are not unless you agree with their every word. If not they choose to ignore you and hope you go away. 

If you blow smoke up their ass and praise and praise them they will return the favor and blow even more smoke up your ass for the sake of their online image. 

Here's a fun fact about Max. 

I am an Empath. 

What that means is that I am so sensitive to emotional energy I know e