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What it's like to be The Dude's Dad

I have an 11 year old son I call The Dude. No it has nothing to do with The Big Lebowski. When he was an infant one of our friends gave him the nickname and we have used it ever since. I use it help provide some loose structure for my son and still give him room to be who he chooses to be. 

We talk about what it means to be The Dude and have since he was 4. 

It's a list of behaviors. 

Say Please and Thank you. 

Be honest. 

Be a friend. 

Tell the truth even if it gets you in trouble. 

And a bunch of other stuff most would agree is how any of us should behave in society to be a decent human being. 

When he acts up or out on occasion which is going to happen, I simply ask him "Is that being The Dude?"

Then i have him list the behaviors and he goes right back out with his attitude adjusted and no punishment needed. We have been doing this since he was 4. 

At 11 he went to a lake and wild geese came up to him and let him pet them and pick up and hold their young. 

His teachers have never complained of any behavior problems. 

He is my result of my understanding of behavioral psychology and my fear of fucking it all up as a parent. Wen it comes to being The Dude's Dad that fear is something I explore to see what it is I am afraid of. Then I go on social media and remember why I work so hard doing what I do. 

We are influenced by everything we take in whether we want to admit it or not. 

Everything I do, I take a father first view of and think about what kind of example I am setting for my son should he ever see what I write or have questions about what I do. 

The idea of someone taking advantage of my sons ignorance to sell him shit just so they can get rich really pisses me off and is why I am the way I am. 

I think about my son looking for someone to guide him through the Awakening process and raising his conscious level awareness and I do as I would want someone to do for him. 

The piece I wrote Psychospirilosophy says Emotion is an Ocean was from a father first view. 

It was a response the recent few articles on the idea of emotion being positive and negative which I think is abusive bullshit. 

Furthermore I feel that anyone who perpetuates the idea of emotions being positive or negative is perpetuating abusive behavior.

I feel confident in saying that.

I also embrace the social agreement that says if you want to tell me I am wrong, please do and let's discuss why you think I might be. 

Remember the first one to call names loses and admits defeat. 

Anyone think I am wrong?

What it's like to be The Dude's Dad

Max🐝 J. Carter 25/11/2016 · #2

#1 @Irene Hackett I don't need to be right, I happen to be right and anyone that has a problem with it is profiting from it.

This is why I issue the challenge. My assertion is based on experience and results not rhetoric.

Walking people through the varying levels of Consciousness is what I do for a living.

This is not guess work, this is not theory, this is based on walking over a thousand people through the climb up the mountain.

Thank you Irene I work daily at being a good father.

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Irene Hackett 25/11/2016 · #1

Hey Max - I admire your commitment to be a good Dad. May I submit as consideration for thought that the need to be right can be problematic - especially when dealing with complex emotions and spiritual states of mind? Not suggesting that you Max, need to be right, however in your challenge to ask if we think you are wrong - I am suggesting to ponder the idea that there may be unknown or undiscovered truths behind the reasons for the varying levels of consciousness we find in the human condition. We don't have to make your understanding right or wrong. Perhaps it is the acceptance of the unknown that opens our hearts and minds to that sweet spot we need in order to live our one life more fully?

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