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When the night turns into dawn it's another victory won and I know I can Carry On

There are few songs I have heard that are what I would call a perfect inspiration of hope.

IMAGINE by John Lennon is one of those songs, however that is not the one we are going to talk about today.

Bruce  Ciccarelli is a friend of mine and the song he wrote, CARRY ON is one I call the perfect companion piece to John Lennon’s IMAGINE. Here’s why.

There’s a light that’s shining
and there’s no denying it’s
burning bright in my soul

There’s a light that’s shining
and the warmth it’s providing
is bringing hope to me
Can I carry on

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There is a light in us that we forget to acknowledge. It’s that light from the core that we often dim to fit in. The times I have been at my lowest in life, it was my own inner light that kept me going to just get through another day the best I could.

Too often in life we forsake our own inner glow to trade who we are for who “they” think we should be. Yes the infamous “they.”

Who are “they?”

If you feel like you can’t simply be you around some people, you found “they” or “them” as they are also known.

There’s a song that’s singing
and the words it’s bringing
are ringing loud in my mind

and the songs that’s singing
keeps me believing
in dreams of happy times
can I carry on

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There are so many songs that each of us cling to that just seem to make everything better, even it’s only for a few minutes. There are songs that each of us listen to when we hit that point and need some hope and some inspiration to keep on keepin’ on.

And if you feel you can’t go on
I’ll be there to be strong
because together
we’re going to make it through

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There’s no shame in needing a helping hand as you help yourself.

As a Shaman part of what I do is work with people as they get it back on track.

As an Empath I often give my strength to those I find in need while I hold the emotional turmoil for them.

It’s what an Empath is