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When the Sword has no Master

The only battle is fought within and any fight that escapes is nothing more than a show of your failure to win the war within.

When you become like a sword, you realize why one should never wield one.

Weapons are designed for nothing more than combat. When not being used for combat they are at peace and resting.

A weapon will always defend and strike only when no other option is available.

Should a weapon strike it strikes only to end combat leaving the foe alive so that the foe may learn to win their battle next time.

A sword never swings itself.

A sword acknowledges only one master and that master is a sword.

A sword that allows itself to be used has failed to teach the master to be as a sword.

The mind is the handle by which the sword is wielded and the body the sword and the spirit the power of the sword. When you allow your mind to be controlled by your reactions to what others say and do, you allow them to wield your power.

True power flows and is never summoned but flows as needed.

As your spirit flows so flows your personal power.

A strong spirit yields a strong weapon with a handle no one can hold.

The spirit should feed the mind and never let the mind do all the thinking.

The spirit lives within the mind and the body but each mind and body can work separately while the spirit guides them both.

The spirit is meek.

Power when needed, not wanted, but truly needed.

As any weapon of power should be, meek.

Humble by all appearances and to some looking rather weak until anything more is needed.

When one allows the sword to make a sword of the master, thoughts and words become your new weapons.

The power of the spirit flows through your thoughts as well as your actions. Your words carry your power every bit as much as your touch.

When spirit connects to spirit and two souls bond to one, there is nothing that can stand before them and not be in awe of the accomplishment that they have become.

Two swords are always better than one.

Always keep sharp but always remember to show you flat reflective side before ever revealing your razors edge.

Only reveal your edge if an edge is what is shown to you repeatedly.

Acknowledge your power but humble yourself to acknowledge the power of those around you or your power can be diminished by their numbers unless you stand for truth.

A bound sword is a blind sword and a blind sword is useless however a blind master has been known to become a great sword.

A sword may reflect, deflect and redirect long before if ever need attack.

To defend is a study of the opponents strategy, holes will be found.

Best to only have to strike once unless you reveal your own holes.

Let the spirit be the flow that is the nature of the sword.

Let the sword amplify the spirit when needed.

When the Sword has no Master