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Why do we look to technology and science instead of education for a fix?

I was in a discussion on a post and the answer to an issue was science and technology instead of education on how to behave with self discipline and responsibility.

Oh shit the "R" word, this guy must be over 40.

In my youth I was a raging alcoholic. I did foolish and irresponsible things. I though I was supposed to. After all it was the example I had been watching in film since I was a child and the behavior that my hometown was celebrated for by Playboy Magazine in the 80's. It was 1987 that Playboy ranked Chico State University the number 1 party school in the USA. My hometown has suffered from this ever since. 

In junior high I started hearing other kids talking about going to college parties and getting drunk and laid. 

The discussion I was in and the topic that inspired this was population rate control. My answer was not to look to science for better forms of birth control, my answer was to look to education to teach our youth better so they act better when they are pretending to be all growed up. 

Since I was 13 and in the 7th grade I have always had at least 6 women that have been my sister