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Why does the Ego exist?

The following piece is my side of a discussion with a friend. Thank you to the friend for pulling this out of me with that discussion.

When you use I me or mine you are defining who you are.

I am.

Anything after that and you are simply describing the state of your being in the present moment.   You are referring to the totality of yourself in this moment.   If you can’t find much diggin under the pronoun of I or me than you are not being honest with yourself and you don’t know yourself very well which means you don’t understand yourself

The truth of being comes to life becomes the ego formation which is your identity.

To be egoless or without identity is actually a very dangerous state to live in as you will do nothing to care for yourself.   Your identity is formed through a complex process in order to give form to your life and when it comes from the core of your being it changes the way you view certain ideas.

You understand the need for identity and let your ego be liquid so that you can be what the moment needs you to be in order to move forward through the hall of mirrors or spend some time as a mirror yourself so others can see what they look like.

To transcend ones identity is an aim at becoming God and becoming the superior entity of wisdom that is not human.

We are given these nifty flesh suits to have a human experience not spend all our time on a quest for a spiritual one.

We are spiritual beings wrapped in flesh and when one transcends the ego one taps into what Hinduism calls the mind of God and it is extremely difficult to not form a God complex of some sort once this state is achieved.

This has been the field research I have been doing in order to combine the psychology and spirituality so that less people end up in the torture chamber of thinking they are God.

And it also helps others to understand they don’t need a religion or ritual forms designed by others, they need only dive within and find what they hid from themselves.

I have discovered on my journey that true spirituality either comes from within and represents itself in who you think you are that is your ego expression of self or you allow yourself to build a prison of labels that other people want you to have because they are too afraid to stand on their own and be themselves from within.

Individuality is the gift of free will to be who you choose to be and you define that by what you decide to attach emotional value to in order to define your existence. When mind body and spirit align in unity that expression of self is an infinite expression of love based on personal preferences that we call taste.

The only thing you transcend is the need for others to understand why you choose to be the you that you choose to be. You’re happy to explain and never get defensive about being who you are.

Why does the Ego exist?