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The Most Beautiful Concert Halls in the USA

As if the US had produced only pop culture! This is fundamentally wrong, of course, but the United States offers a huge selection of cultural institutions and events. We want to dedicate ourselves to the big concert halls in the U.S.

Symphony Hall (Boston)

The Most Beautiful Concert Halls in the USA

Opened in 1900, the Boston Symphony Hall is considered a world-class concert hall. The architecture is based on the Renaissance, as a model was the destroyed in the Second World War Leipzig Gewandhaus. The acoustics are sensational; The hall was one of the first in the world to use scientific research on acoustic principles.

Symphony Center (Chicago)

Today, the concert hall is part of the Symphony Center, which also houses the Buntrock Hall, the Grainger Ballroom, as well as a restaurant and several offices. After decades of critical criticism of the somewhat weak-sounding acoustics, a thorough overhaul of the Orchestra Hall between 1995 and 1997 led to a significant improvement.
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Meyerson Symphony Center (Dallas)

The Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center is the only concert hall designed by star architect I. M. Pei - including the glass pyramid at the Paris Louvre.

The sound of the concert hall inaugurated in 1989, the Eugene McDermott Concert Hall, is awesome - Acoustic Pope Russell Johnson did a great job.

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts (Kansas City)

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, opened in 2011, is visually spectacular. The modernist architect Moshe Safdie designed the complex in the form of two giant shells. The Kauffman Center has two rooms: the Muriel Kauffman Theater (1,800 seats) and the Helzberg Hall (1,600 seats). Both auditoriums shine with an exquisite sound.

Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles)

A steel building in the shape of a sailboat whose contours bend and wave: The Walt Disney Concert Hall is a spectacular throw from star architect Frank Gehry.

The exterior of the building opened in 2003, gave rise to many heated discussions, while the acoustics of Japanese Yasuhisa Toyota met with unanimous approval.

New World Center (Miami Beach)

Frank Gehry (see Walt Disney Concert Hall) also designed the New World Center in Miami Beach. Here, Gehry wanted to get the audience "in the middle of the music". For this, he designed a deliberately small concert hall (756 seats), which places the audience close to the musicians. On the large acoustic sails on the ceiling, images can be projected that accompany the music.

Excellent acoustics ensures that in addition to onlookers even serious classic lovers get their money's worth.

Schermerhorn Symphony Center (Nashville)

A massive building in the classical style, crammed inside with state-of-the-art stage technology: this is the Schermerhorn Symphony Center opened in 2006 in the country music stronghold Nashville. At the heart of the building is the Laura Turner Concert Hall with seating for 1,800 people, with moveable panels that provide the acoustics for each event.

Carnegie Hall (New York)

The New York Carnegie Hall is the most famous concert hall in the USA. The brick building, designed in the Italian Renaissance style, was opened in 1891, with the premiere of the Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky. The largest hall, the Isaac Stern Auditorium, offers space for 2,800 spectators on five levels.

New York, with its role as the cultural capital of the US East Coast, is also home to major concert halls such as David Geffen Hall and Radio City Music Hall. The Metropolitan Opera House ("Met") also houses one of the most famous US opera houses in New York.

Academy of Music (Philadelphia)

The "Grand Old Lady of Broad Street" was designed on the model of Milan Scala, since a comprehensive restoration in 2007, the interior shines with its chandeliers, frescoes, and golden ornaments again as 150 years ago.