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Boost your Sales with a Catalogue App

Catalogue marketing has been used by companies for decades now. In the earlier days, mail order catalogues were sent out by sellers to prospective buyers. Sending product catalogues is one of the oldest forms of direct marketing. They are an effective tool because it can reach a large number of people. Higher reach means higher conversions. Even if the consumer cannot make time to reach your retail store, the product catalogue gives them all the information about new products available. Most product catalogues are made with an order form. This encourages buying behavior. This is why most businesses believe in the power of catalogue marketing.

Boost your Sales with a Catalogue App

Today, with the advent of digital media, mobile catalogues have become more popular. Businesses can use a catalogue making app to design attractive product catalogues which can garner more sales. A well-designed catalogue can help to grab the attention of your customer. It has the power to influence your customer’s buying decisions. If used in the right way, catalogues are important sales and marketing tools.

The benefits of mobile catalogues are:

  • Saves paper
This may not seem like an important factor, but in fact this has two fold advantages. Firstly, they are eco-friendly. Mobile catalogues are viewed digitally on electronic devices. So there is no need to waste paper for any printing. Secondly, it is cost saving. Since there is no printing involved with mobile catalogues, a lot of cost is saved in terms of paper and ink cost. This is a big saving made by any businesses.

  • Easy to share

Mobile catalogues are a virtual material. The catalogue can be shared with potential buyers via emails or sending direct links to them. In case of catalogue apps, they can be shared with family and friends on social media. When a mobile application development company in Kolkata builds a custom made catalogue app for any business, they can integrate the app with social media plug-ins. This helps the catalogue to be easily distributed among prospective consumers. It can reach a wide number of people this way, which in turn, can result in more sales.

  • Improved customer relationship

When businesses create a digital catalogue with the help of a catalogue making app, they are directly connected to their consumers. The process of browsing through the catalogue and placing an order is faster when done digitally. Similarly, companies can respond quickly to any customer complaints or feedback. This builds a stronger customer relationship.

  • Up-to-date information
A catalogue includes complete information about all the products, their specifications, prices, images, and other details. The main purpose of a product catalogue is to inform the consumer about all the products that are being sold by the marketer. With mobile catalogues, it is ensured that this information provided is always up-to-date and most recent. For example, if a particular product becomes out of stock, there is no way to inform the consumer about this in a print catalogue. But with digital catalogues, real time updates are possible. Hence, if a product goes out of stock, the consumer will get notified about it. This way, there is no chance that an out of stock product gets ordered by a consumer. It prevents any errors during order taking and processing.