All a Customer or Mobile App Developer Must Know About React JS.

All a Customer or Mobile App Developer Must Know About React JS.

More than one lakh websites and more than a thousand developers are there who develop in React Js, and there is no sign if it will see a slow side. More or less the use of React Js in popular websites like Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, PayPal etc. is because of its reliability and clout. It is used to build user interfaces using an open-source JavaScript library which is used for creating single page applications. React Js is a power pack framework in itself as it is the only library that is flexible and provides reusable components for developers. It performs very well in the case of front-end development because of its light libraries. So, let’s discuss the features that are embraced by a React Js development company.

Virtual DOM

Virtual dom is followed in the React Js whenever the virtual reflection of a user interface in the memory has to be synced with the real DOM. Virtual DOM performs the function of providing a platform to update the application. The Virtual DOM also works as an actual DOM is a node tree that maintains the record of elements like objects. The React components develop a node function render which reflects changes in the tree every time an update is made. This way Virtual DOM boosts the speed of the application.

Data binding

React Js is the most efficient framework as it creates interactive applications using its front-end library. It uses one-way data binding and data then flows one direction. This is why it is the most dependable source of canonical data sources. One-way data binding helps in debugging and the application is less prone to errors.

React native

With React native one can build native apps for both the operating systems Android and iOS. The UI components present helps in developing the JavaScript code. These components in React JS services further help in the cross-platform development which in turn helps in saving time.


A syntax language as simple as the common readable language is used by the React. It is a combination of HTML and XML and is very much like the HTML language. JSX makes writing code for React component easier. Thus, developers use time-effective techniques like React Js.

SEO friendly

Many JavaScript framework networks are not SEO friendly, whereas React Js is allowed in the server-side delivery and allows the application to run on the server instead of the browser. This server-side delivery of the app helps in improving the speed of the website by reducing the page load time. This further increases the user experience, and this eventually effects in increasing the traffic to the site, ultimately generating the revenue.

Reusable components

React development services are more effective because of its separate components. Any changes made to one of the components will not affect the entire group of elements. The owner himself can also make any changes required. The use of reusable components makes React Js easy, to the point and developers find it more comfortable to work in such an environment.

One must analyze why the development of the application is essential and then hire a Mobile app developer. It is predictable that React Js developers will use the latest technology to build a top-notch quality application.


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