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"Today, tomorrow" The short film

"Today, Tomorrow" is Mustapha benghernaout's first animated short film that he made at the beginning of 2016.
He had the idea for this film before making the short film "Unsafe water", but he didn't have the resources and technical knowledge to do it.

Mustapha learned the different techniques of animated cinema through the lessons of Professeur Kouro .
And he used two techniques of animation, object animation, and pixelation.

                                               Technical details:

Title: Today, Tomorrow
Written and Directed by Mustapha Benghernaout
Language:  no dialogue.
Gender:  Animation
Running time: 2 minutes 59 seconds 7

color: color.

Camera: Mohamed Cherif Abbassa
Editor: Mustapha Benghernaout
Animation: Mohamed Cherif Abbassa
Music: kevin Macleod
Production Year : 2016
Country: Algeria



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"Today, tomorrow" The  short film 

Mike Sean 16/8/2018 · #2

That is really beautiful movie. You can watch more such movies on terrarium tv

nerwein neonin 16/5/2018 · #1

Amazing short film I have ever seen. Now this Short Film is available for free on your Android and iOS devices using Morpheus TV