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Innovative SEO Methods 2017

Have a look at highlights of 2017 SEO strategies which are the main competitive areas to focus.   

1.Mobile becomes the hub for everything

Innovative SEO Methods 2017

Can you imagine a day without your mobile phone? Horrible!! So in future nobody will be preferring desktops, only the user-friendly mobile phones and iPads will survive. The portable easy handling devices will be the first priority.

2. Optimize for voice search.

Influence of Artificial Intelligence made a drastic change in human life and that made people too lazy. And changes in the aspect of searching on the web too. The user may search in the way they like. So it is better to customize the option for searching in the form of voice and other forms.


Quick understanding of available data will be preferable in the maximum compact manner.  Pictures and videos will replace this.

4.Make the site super-fast

Nobody in this busy world is ready to wait for a minute since plenty of options are available there with better quality and cost effective. So never let your customer move for a second option.


5. Mobile friendly website 

For a quick search, the available device will be always mobile devices such as phones and iPads. 

So it is essential to make your website design mobile friendly.

6. Constantly produce high-quality content


Optimization never ends with a primary review. For ensuring the high-quality content repetitions should be avoided and the contents should be reshuffled. It is neither a work of one-time settlement and nor for the lifetime. Be smart and write well. Never try to pack old wine to a new bottle.If you don't have enough resources outsourcing content writing service is also a solution for getting high-quality contents.   

7. Make a strong presence in social media

People are living in social media so your business should be there like whenever they need we should be there. Social medias are key to the internet.                                                        

8. Link building- not quantity focus on quality.

It is better to have strong two or more backlinks apart from making a pool of links which not works. Make strong bonds even its one rather than a number of breaking bonds.

9. Use long tail keywords in your SEO strategy

The more specific your keyword is the less competition you will have to compete with.Apart from searching the repeated words use your own idea according to the requirements. It’s better to be more specific on your product where long tail keywords get less traffic and rate of conversion high. 

10. Switch your website to https(SSL)

People have more concerned about safety and looking forward to trustworthy sites. In this digital world, actions speak more than words.

11. User experience in the new SEO

Makes sure your site is for the customers. Like how a customer is comfortable with shopping in a supermarket. They never tolerate facing a situation where they are digging for an electronic product within a grocery session. So make your customer delight.  

12.  Google is the king but concentrate on bing and Yahoo.

Number one is always projected that never means the second is an unwanted or ignorable one. This is also customer’s choice and comfort zone to use which search engine.


Standards will increase upon updates on business strategies and trends that follow. Keep an eye on these new experiments to make consistency on your position and Find your space and stand out from the crowd.

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