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The Future of Custom Web Development

In the world of the Internet, there are about 1.8 billion websites, out of which 200 million are active websites working till date. And yet, every day hundreds of new websites are added to increase the competition. In case you want your business website to be noticed, you would have to implement the latest custom web development trends. With the help of companies offering development solutions, you can have innovative ideas implemented on your website.

The Future of Custom Web Development

For those who are not aware of all the new trends that have hit the market, we have gathered them. Below shared are some of the most essential and futuristic custom web development solutions:

Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Github, Gmail, and Facebook are one of the best examples for the SPAs. The Single-Page Applications removes the need to reload the website or web page again when in use. It helps in loading all the content continuously with the assistance of JavaScript.

They work in the background of the browser and display a very natural behavior. The users are enjoying the experience the SPAs are providing since they do not have to wait for a long time. This is because the SPA directly provides the web pages in the browser that the user is operating on.


You might have heard about the futuristic technology of AR and VR. They have the power to change the way users interact with the websites. Huge brands like Samsung and Google have invested a lot in this technology. With the VR technology, you can provide a great experience of the virtual world to the visitors on the website.

On the contrary, AR gives an impression of the virtual world in the actual world. It has the power of enhancing the user experience. With the advancement now, these have been implemented on the websites too. Ask your custom website development company to add this technology to your site. It would help your brand grow faster.

AI And Machine Learning

Another technology that many companies are offering with custom web development services is AI. You know about chatbots right, that is an automatic messenger used for offering customer service. Well, it works on the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. Seeing this advancement, AI would bring in more new concepts soon.

A lot of the big names are investing a lot in machine learning and AI. Hence, in the future, custom web application development services would include the implementation of features into the website that is powered by AI.

Blockchain Technology

With Bitcoin popular amongst many today and blockchain entering the market, a lot would change in the way websites work. Blockchain has just started its story, and we are expecting it to make a blast soon with radical changes. Due to the blockchain, transactions online is now much more secure and safe. This is because the intermediaries have been eliminated.

The blockchain technology makes the use of standard data storage that assists the users in storing data in various locations around the globe. In short, blockchain has facilitated the financial agencies and banks where data is now much safer to store. This has affected the online payment websites as well. Hence, ensure that you get custom web development solutions implemented with this technology when needed.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

For those who do not know, IoT is called the Internet of things. It is a network of devices, home applications, and vehicles that allow these things to connect, interact with each other and exchange data. In 2020, about 31 billion devices would be connected as per the Statista survey. And it is affecting the custom web development solutions as well. In short, companies are working towards controlling these devices through the desktop or laptops.

Additionally, the combination of devices with the sites is highly important to provide better services to the users. Even though just a few websites have IoT integrated today, it is a concept that should be implemented. Hence, request the custom website development company to implement this on your website if possible.

Motion UI

Today’s users visit the website that has a simple yet intuitive look. With the Motion UI, modify the design of the site, with a useful and elegant interface. The company offering custom web development services would be able to help you with it since it is very simple. All it needs is out-and-out research and the correct implementation.

This would then do great wonders in raising the conversion rate on your site. Just to be clear, the Motion UI has beautiful headers, background animations, hovers, and animated charts. With Motion UI integrated in your site by the custom website development company, your website would stand out of the crowd.


RAIL stands for Response Animation Idle Load. It is a website designing concept that came out in 2015 but recently became popular. Its work is to help the website load faster (in less than 1 second). Moreover, it focuses on giving a great user experience and increases the performance of the website. Hence, if you want your site to have a great UX, ask the custom website development company implement RAIL technology in it.

Push Notifications

Just like mobile apps, push notifications are also used on websites. It helps to reach a broader audience and works great as a marketing tool. These are powerful tools that support the customers feel engaged with the site even when they are not visiting it.

All you need to do is keep great content and avoid using it a lot. Through this, you can let your users learn about special discounts, events, etc. Ensure that the custom web development solutions you are getting have this feature implemented on your website.


AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google began to give a lot of importance to the mobile-friendly website since 2015 due to the responsive web design approach. In 2017, about 7% of the entire web traffic in the USA was visiting Accelerated Mobile Pages. And due to this, other search engines have begun to support it as well.

AMP was created to improve the performance of the website content and ads. Along with this, it was also to enhance the user experience and the website speed. This technology works perfectly, and many love it. Hence, it is vital that you have it integrated into your website as well.

Let the company that is offering you custom web application development services know that you want your site to be mobile friendly with AMP. It would help your brand grow, and it is essential for marketing as well.

Other than these trends, a few more concepts that are coming into the market. These include functional programming, minimalist design, image-related improvements, image sharing, Google Map integration, and real-time web apps.

With this list, you can pick the ones that would help your website the most and can be implemented in it. Then, ensure that you let the custom website development company that is creating your site, add these in it. 

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