Melissa Bitz en Entrepreneurs Founder • Enlightened Wealth Academy 24/9/2016 · 1 min de lectura · +200

Setting SPECIFIC Income Goals: Magic Mojo Torpedo Fuel For Our Dreams

Setting SPECIFIC Income Goals:  Magic Mojo Torpedo Fuel For Our DreamsWe all know that goal-setting is something that´s generally accepted as necessary and supercharges us onto a path in the direction of what we desire.  The research has spoken:  most successful people set goals.  

But what you may not know is that most professionals and small-business owners don´t really set specific goals.  General ones like, "make more income, get more clients, be able to take 2 vacations a year, not have to work 60 hour weeks, have financial freedom" and such are much easier to stay on a good vibe about.  But those general ones don´t really spur us into actions and invite the inspiration and creativity we need to get what we want.

We need to get specific: an actual dollars and cents number that we fix on, write down and check-in with.  But...

When we think of writing an audacious number down and sticking it on post-it notes around our homes, it makes us kind of anxious.  And all of this wonky nervous-system havoc IS NOT helping us get any closer to our dreams.

Wanna see what happens in your mind/body system when you set a SPECIFIC income goal?  You can watch the video below to find out!

In this video, you will: