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Top 10 Android Hacks Of 2017

Top 10 Android Hacks Of 2017

There are a lot of reasons why organizations and businesses hire Android app developers and Indian app developers to design apps for the Android platform. One of those reasons would be because it is one of the most widely used and accepted smartphone platforms. And there is also a good number of premium as well as free apps available to Android users, making it more useful and efficient. The fact that you use an Android phone or know how to operate it does not mean you know all about it, even app developers India are still learning some new tricks. This is why companies are advised to hire Android app developers to develop apps for the Android platform. And also because they have dedicated their profession to finding out all that needs to be found about the Android operating system.

The Android Smartphone can do a lot more than just make calls, receive calls, take pictures, browse the internet, and send text messages. It can make your day to day life easier with a few hacks and tricks. There are a few interesting and simple Android hacks and tricks in 2017 that would be very useful to Android users. That would make their Android devices smarter than they ever thought possible.

Here are the top 10 Android hacks of 2017;

1. Open your garage door

This hack is just amazing and quite effective when you need to get your garage door opened quickly without stress. You can simply open your garage door using the openSeMe app on your Android device. This app makes it quite easy to use your Android Smartphone to open your garage door anytime, as long as you are within a one block radius.

The features of this android app do not only make it easy to use, but it is also very safe. The authenticity of the owner of the garage is verified using a pin code before the garage door can be opened. This way, no other person but the owner of the garage can open it unless the pin is transferred to someone else by the owner.

2. Improve your Android Smartphone sound quality

The fact that you need to improve your Android device sound quality does not mean Android devices have bad sound qualities. A good number of them have great sound qualities while some have horrible sound qualities. If your Android Smartphone is one of those with terrible quality do not worry because app developers India and app developers all over the world always come up with new ways to make the Android user have a good experience.

You can try using the Equalizer app from Google play store on your Android device, although it has in-app purchases, it is free. It would improve the loudness and sound quality through your headphones and phone speakers.

3. Block ads from displaying on Android device

Most times, companies would hire android app developers to develop a free app for Android devices. The fact that the app is free does not necessarily mean they are being charitable to the users but simply a marketing strategy. People love to download free apps, and due to that, the app would have some many downloads and users. With that amount of users, the company can make a lot of money on paid in-app ads. These ads are the price that Android users pay for the free apps.

Of course, if you want to stop getting constant ads, you can get the paid versions of this app. But also you can simply block the ads from your device. A lot of users have more free apps on their phones than paid ads; you can simply install the Ad free app on your smartphone that blocks ads from all corners of your device after you have rooted your Android Smartphone.

4. Change the appearance of your user interface

People love to change their themes and wallpapers to suit their current mood or fancy. And it is quite frustrating when you are limited due to the small numbers of themes and wallpapers available on your smartphone. Even when there are so many options available, they might not suit your fancy. You can easily customize your user interface to whatever you want by installing apps such as the beautiful widgets. This way you are armed with so many lovely, fun wallpapers and themes to select from that brings your Android Smartphone back to life.

5. Get Android updates faster

Ever wondered why after the release of a new update for Android you have to wait a long while for Google to release the update through Google play store. This is because mobile phone manufacturers first have to readjust the updates to ensure that it runs on their devices and add some new Android software before it can be released to their users.

When you root your Android Smartphone, you can be able to get Android updates as fast as when the developer releases it.

6. Print from your Android phone

You can easily print anything you want from your Android device using a printer app. A lot of smartphones also now have a built-in printout feature, which comes in handy.

7. Use your Android device as a TV remote

People love operating their smartphones as well as watching TV. Imagine being able to use your smartphone to change the TV channel. There are so many TV remote apps available on the Google play store you can install for your use. But before you can do this, your device must have a built-in IR blaster if you are using a non-smart TV. If you are using a smart TV, then the TV must be connected to the same WiFi network your Smartphone is connected to.

It is important to note that not all TV remote app support all TV brands, some support only a specified TV brand or model.

8. Hide confidential documents

To avoid strangers going through your classified documents like videos, photos, etc., without your permission, you can use the folder locker app to hide them.

9. Use your Android device as a home monitoring device

If you have spare Android Smartphone, you can use it as a security device to monitor the activities in your home when you are not home. You can download some home security apps like; salient eye, Alfred, and At Home camera.

10. Unlock your Android Smartphone using voice command of facial recognition

To also avoid unwanted people from prying into your phone, you can make use of the smart lock feature which uses facial recognition and voice command to unlock phones. This way your phone can only be unlocked using your voice command or facial recognition.

To set up the voice command and face recognition lock, simply go to settings, click security and there you would find the smart lock.

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