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A Tipsy Man Goes Naked - Love Tales and Recipes

A Tipsy Man Goes Naked - Love Tales and Recipes

This is the title of my latest book, and possibly the cover…

This book has had a very long gestation period, like twenty years!

I wrote some stories in 1999  and then had the idea for the book in 2009, but it took time to assemble the characters and recipes.

I presented it to a publisher who told me to forget the idea altogether as there was no market for short stories and recipes but I knew there was and I refused to give up, even if I had to park the project for a few years until the world had caught up with my concept.

In the interim, I worked on other books, equally important but maybe not as much fun as this one.

It’s like the icing on the cake to get the chance to write what you really want, playfully and with child-like imagination, rather than something that is fitting into non-fiction parameters. This is the beauty of writing fiction, it allows the author so much more space to roam in the fertile plains of the imagination.

It’s not all fun. It's a slog and a need for the nose to be at the grindstone, especially in terms of the editing and marketing of any book, but this book still weighs in with more pleasure than pain, and maybe that’s because I’ve matured as a writer. I’ve learned the business end not completely, there is always more to learn. But I’m not the greenhorn I was.

I’m grateful for my learning and the opportunity to present this book to the world. It should hit the online bookstores in about 4 weeks.

And if you’re interested keep watch on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

A Tipsy Man Goes Naked  – Love Tales and Recipes.

The Muse of Aroma and Taste offers the reader a collection of short stories, recipes, and anecdotes that explore food, love, and the senses in a single day.

Recipes and stories from across the world and the centuries are combined; some are simple fairy tales and others heartfelt explorations of love.

​The Muse asks the reader to question their understanding of love…
What is love?
Can it last over time?
Is the love of a career as memorable as a lover?
How do you mend a heart that has lost love?
Where are you tuned into love?
What time of the day are you most open to love?

Throughout the book, the Muse of Aroma and Taste weaves all the emotions, flavours, and textures of love, thereby conjuring up a veritable feast of culinary delights.


Tipsy Man is wonderful, whimsical storytelling at its best -- tales of all kinds of love set in exotic locales and fascinating times of history. What a delicious read this book is! 
Carol, Maine USA

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Melody R. Green is an angel communicator, soul coach and award-winning author, living in Newcastle, NSW, Australia - who with the help of the Angels frequently advises her clients about how to navigate the twists and turns of the human road we call love. This is her first work of fiction.

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