How your hobbies can help you while you search for work.

How your hobbies can help you while you search for work.

There is no doubt that job searching can be a difficult, frustrating and stressful time. Many recruiters will tell you job searching needs to be your full time work until you land that job and get back into the game.

It is also true that your mindset is a crucial part of that game. No matter the reason why you have left your previous position nor where in the process of job hunting you may be, receiving a series of "no's" to your application can make it hard to maintain faith in yourself.

Maintaining faith in yourself is crucial for job hunting.

Your faith in yourself will impact on every part of your job seeking process from choosing the jobs you go for to how you present in the interview.

So how can you maintain this faith?

I suggest to my clients they focus on their hobbies at the same time as they are focusing on job hunting.

Here's why...

Pursuing your hobbies brings you pleasure which allows your body to experience the 4 hormones of happiness. - a state of being not often associated with job hunting!

Each one of these hormones brings something different to the state of happiness.

  • Dopamine brings anticipation of happiness - its energy is striving.
  • Oxytocin brings bonding and relationships - its energy is attentiveness and connection
  • Serotonin brings the overall mood of your day - its energy is to uplift your energy (conversely if you don't get enough of this you will be in a grumpy or even depressed mood)
  • Endorphins bring the power to mask pain and discomfort - its energy is to keep you going though the discomfort and find a solution.

Each one of these hormones are necessary for job hunting and will become depleted as you receive compounded negative responses to your job hunting period.

One of the ways you can lift the mood is by exercise, which is why health professionals insist it's important for mental health and well being. This exercise can be anything from a trip to the gym, yoga, Pilates, a brisk walk or a dance around the room at regular intervals. This exercise can break and help activate the hormones and shift the low mood.

But an even better way is to incorporate your hobbies into this plan as well... but what kind of hobbies?

Well that depends on your individual make up.

For some its playing sports. These can be individual or team sports. But the key is to provide yourself with goals that you can accomplish such as: Team championships, half marathons etc, beating your lowest golf score. What's needed is a fixed goal and time to meet it and t