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The End...

The End...


The words a writer loves to write. 

THE END... of their story, creation, book.

THE END... of trying to capture something sitting elusively in the back of a writer's consciousness.

THE END... of Stage 1 - the book plan.

THE END... of Stage 2 - writing the first draft.

THE END... of Stage 3 - editing the first draft and making the 2nd draft.

THE END... of Stage 4 - editing for clarity, polishing the scenes until they shine.

THE END... of Stage 5 - editing for grammar, syntax and typos, it's all about the words.

THE END... of Stage 6 - finding the support of an agent, editor and publisher

THE END... of Stage 7 - finalising the look of the book, cover design, interior design etc

THE END... of Stage 8 - launching the book.

NOT THE END... of Stage 9 - marketing and selling the book.

And if writing is truly your thing....

NOT THE END ... of starting the whole process again with the next idea.

Today I wrote THE END... of Stage 2 - writing the first draft.

 I have been intensely involved in the National Novel Writing Month for November. This annual event is celebrating it's 20th year, this year. I have no idea how many writers have used this challenge to get their book written this year but in 1999 the number was 21 and in 2017 it was  402,142 writers, who wrote something in November and who knows how many were winners. (i.e. they completed their novel or 50,000 words which ever came first.)

Today I wrote THE END with a total word count of 81,014. I had begun my novel and written 15, 288 words to start the book. I wrote another 65,726 words between 01-30 November.

I have never written THE END to a novel before. I have only written short stories before of around 2500 words.This is the first time I have written a story that has had to sustain, develop and grow an idea through the pages of thousands of words. 

The learning curve has been huge.

What did I learn?

  • I can write fiction, whether it be good, bad or indifferent is not the question here and is not for me to judge. Although I will probably be in judgement and critical-eye mode in Stage 3 - 5.
  • I can finish a big project in a very short time. I had originally planned to take 6 months to write the first draft.
  • I write by hand in notebooks with a fountain pen... and I can write faster than I thought! 
  • I can stay focused.
  • I can make a commitment and keep going.
  • I can hold myself accountable.
  • I can be disciplined.
  • I can add being a novelist to my list of skills and talents.
  • I can commit to taking part in NanoWriMo again.
  • I can be proud of my achievement.
  • I am so grateful to  Chris Baty, the founder of #NanoWrimo, and of all the writers (some I know and thousands I do not) from all parts of the world... You kept me going, thinking of your commitment and dream to write a novel.

I can urge you to have a go and take a chance on yourself. 

Maybe I will see you next year for #Nanowrimo. I'm planning on making this an annual event for me,  so I hope so!

My book The Angel Tea House will be published in 2020.

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Melody R. Green is an angel communicator, soul coach and award-winning author, living in Newcastle, NSW, Australia - who with the help of the Angels frequently advises her clients about how to navigate the twists and turns of the human road we call love. The Angel Tea House is her first novel.

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Onya, Mel,
Trust you’ll tell,
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Melody more grace

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#1 Thank you Kevin!

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Good on you @Melody Green

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