The Joys of Publishing - Update!

The Joys of Publishing - Update!

Dear Fellow Writers, 

Some months ago I published a post called The Joys of Publishing... 

I've enclosed a copy of it below. But as a fellow writer of a large community I like to help the writing community as much as possible. 

After all, the writer's journey is an arduous one, right? 

We have enough to deal with without being scammed by would-be publishers and  scam marketers promising us a sales return that would make us bosom buddies with J.K.Rowling.

As part of my investigations about the dubious company I came across this article by Writer Beware..

and I offer the link here for all writers so they may check who's been approaching them to write their book. I can say that not more than 6 weeks after the fiasco with Capstone Media Services I was approached by Stampa Global. But this time I was on to them... and my answer was no.

Today I can advise that my book A Tipsy Man Goes Naked - Love Tales and Recipes is again available as an e-book with the help of Vivid Publishing which is part of the Fontaine Publishing Group from Fremantle WA, Australia. Thank you Vivid!

And now the marketing begins again, in earnest, and by none other than me, the self published author!

Wishing you a delicious read, 



The Joys of Publishing published on Bebee 06/10/19

Every month I try to write to my lovely readers. This month's theme was totally shocking to me and probably to them. My latest book A Tipsy Man Goes Naked - Love Tales and Recipes has slowly been gaining reviews; excellent, 5 star reviews. And I had hoped to let my subscribers know that I had just completed some book kits for Book Clubs and had begun advertising them on Facebook, Bebee and other social media sites; but instead, this is what I had to say to them...


"Unfortunately, all my plans for this newsletter have come to nought because the book publisher has delivered a curve ball and I've found myself with another pebble on the road to Author-hood! 

This week I found out I have been scammed by Capstone Marketing Services - New York, (who were both the publishers and marketers of my book) and while I have a few paperback books available on Amazon, my e-book has been removed from all distributors sometime last week, as the scammers try to cover their tracks before being caught. (They have also removed their website from the Internet!) This "publisher" was offering a marketing package with the book. I was to get an internet promotion and radio interview that would be showcased in various book podcast shows. It sounded like a reasonable deal.

I did as much due diligence and research as I could before I signed up and there was no negative press at the time to make me suspect the offer I was being made. In the early stages of creating the book, all my emails were answered promptly, and they followed requests through.

It was only after my book launched that I started to notice a slowing down of the service. Getting them to set a date for the marketing was slow, although they took my Instagram account and posted content that I provided for them. I watched closely their posts because I wanted to see what they did that would make them have more impact than my own, but I saw very little difference. The report they promised me of their campaign results never eventuated and they delayed my request for an interview time. Sales reports were due this month and of course have not been furnished. Finally, I contacted their other office in San Francisco via their email system. 24 hours later I received an email saying my consultant had left the company because her son was unwell, and I would be contacted shortly. The email was supposedly from her boss, called John with no last name, business title, email address (different from the previous consultant) and no phone number.

By now, bells were really starting to ring out, but how to find out more?
I checked online again and guess what? The news wasn't good! In fact, it was confirming my fears as I read of other writers who had made complaints in the USA. 
I checked online to get the link for my e-book and it was missing. I tried for 2 days at different times of the day to see if it was available, but the answer was no, it has completely vanished.
I remembered that an Australian company printed the paperbacks (Yes that's right I'm from Down Under) and I rang them to see if they knew more.... and yes they did. 
Capstone had arranged for the printing by saying they were an imprint of the Ingram Group of Companies. When the local printer sent their invoice to Ingram they were advised Ingram was not responsible for Capstone and  I was told Ingram are pursuing legal action against Capstone.

So where does that leave me?

  • No royalties paid.
  • No e-book available to review. 
  • No sales of the e-book or paperback in its current form.

What actions can I take?
  • Cut my losses and start again.
  • Get a new cover done, ASIN/ISBN and e-book conversion costs
  • Get a new interior book design, book cover, and self-publishing costs for the paperback
  • Re-launch the e-book and paperback again.
  • Send out requests to all those who have done reviews to reload to the new book.
  • Let other readers know my story so they can know how clever these scams are.
To all of you who have reviewed my book so favourably... thank you so much. You have given me the confidence to re-publish this book and write more. I am truly grateful for your faith and trust in the stories I write.

This book had a very long gestation period, over 20 years from the first story to the published book. If this had happened to me at any time during that period, I doubt I would have fought back. I would probably have given up and said I'm not meant to be a writer and put my creative energies into something else. 
BUT... I'm unwilling to do that. In fact, it's made me want to publish more and prove that I am a successfully published author, no matter the setbacks.
So please be patient with me as I regroup and republish A Tipsy Man Goes Naked - Love Tales and Recipes and let me keep coming into your Inbox with the latest information on what I'm writing and where I'm up to. Always, wishing you a delicious read...
Melody "

Onward and upward, as they say!


About the Author

Melody R. Green is an angel communicator, soul coach and award-winning author, living in Newcastle, NSW, Australia - who with the help of the Angels frequently advises her clients about how to navigate the twists and turns of the human road we call love. This is her first work of fiction.

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Melody Green 7 d ago · #4

#2 Thanks Chris - and the book is totally "clean" hahaha!

Melody Green 7 d ago · #3

#1 Yes Ken, that's the perfect metaphor! And spiders are one of my totems!

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Chris 🐝 Guest 7 d ago · #2

Hang in there @Melody Green..admire your persistence and energy. An interesting title indeed :)

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Ken Boddie 7 d ago · #1

The joys of publishing indeed, Melody. I trust you are now experiencing the sun after the rain (think itsy-bitsy spider). Onward and upward.

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