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The Power of Emotional Nuances

The Power of Emotional Nuances 

Each soul comes to this earth to play in the 3D realms of matter. We are the spirit playing in and with the energy that creates form. We come in love and to love we will return. Along the way we will have experienced many emotional states of being. Some we will experience more than others. We have if you like, the opportunity to follow themes, to choose how we respond and create patterns of emotional responses.

A grumpy old man or woman did not reach a certain age and then become grumpy, they have been playing with and practising the art of grumpiness for quite some years before it could be said that is who they are. Like all things the more we practice a thing the more ability we have to express it.

As humans in 3D we like to feel safe and secure and how we deal with our emotions is no different. We like to know what the emotions are so we can decide what to do with them. Those that are too scary we push away to the recesses of our bodies and those that terrify us we block or reject so as not to deal with them. We like what’s familiar. We even like painful emotions if they feel more comfortable than those that might bring up joy or delight.

Energetically every emotion has a vibrational frequency. Self awareness is about becoming more aware of who we are and what motivates us. As we increase our understanding and acceptance of all of us (preferably without judgement) we move into a higher frequency. Generally speaking negative emotions have a lower vibration than more positive emotions. The higher the vibration the more light and joy our energy body reflects and the happier we are. When we are happy the quality of our life expands and we achieve much more in our lives.

As humans we have excelled at labelling our emotions and putting them into boxes. The problem with this is it limits us in how we see emotions and if we limit them, then that also limits the way we handle these emotions.

A fine example of this is the word depression.

These are some of the possible synonyms for the word depression: 

  • abasement
  • abjection
  • blahs
  • bleakness
  • bummer
  • cheerlessness
  • dejection
  • desolation
  • desperation
  • despondency
  • discouragement
  • dispiritedness
  • distress
  • dole
  • dolefulness
  • dolor
  • downheartedness
  • dreariness
  • dullness
  • dumps
  • ennui
  • gloom
  • gloominess
  • heavyheartedness
  • hopelessness
  • lowness
  • melancholia
  • melancholy
  • misery
  • mortification
  • qualm
  • sadness
  • sorrow
  • trouble
  • unhappiness
  • vapors
  • woefulness
  • worry
  • abjectness
  • blue funk
  • disconsolation
  • heaviness of heart
  • lugubriosity
  • the blues

The problem with a label is it can limit how we see the health and vibrancy of a person and also limit the choices of how we treat that person.

E.g. – If you went to a doctor and said you were feeling “ennui or distressed”  s/he may ask you why and suggest fresh air and exercise or a counsellor. But say you’re depressed and the doctor may immediately decide to give you an antidepressant!

One is treated as a sickness of the body and mind whereas the other is treated as a malaise of the emotions.

The more ways you can describe your emotional state the better able you are to receive the treatment you need to get you back to optimum health and vibrancy.

So the next time you are feeling “blah”, stop for a moment and ask yourself to define that state a bit more thoroughly. You may realise that you’re not in as bad shape as you think! 

P.S.  – This information does not mean don’t see a doctor. Please contact your doctor if you are at all worried about your mental state and…

If you think you are suffering from depression please consider getting help if you need it. You could try your doctor or any of the following:

Mental Health Australia


Beyond Blue

Black Dog Institute

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