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Content for Social Selling? All it takes is 15 min and a routine!

Like you, the most heard comment (or should I say complaint) from salespeople, and also marketers, when it comes to content is:

· I have no content

· There is no content that I can share

· You want to share content daily? Fat chance!

Content for Social Selling? All it takes is 15 min and a routine!Let’s be honest, social selling (in a similar way as traditional selling) is getting noticed by your prospects and clients. Let's call it "Visibility". And I am not talking about spamming people with content (you will get muted quickly) but about sharing value-add content with your prospects and clients. But where do you find content that fits this description? Here are 7 places where you should start to look today!

Own content

The biggest source of approved content that you can share or use as an inspiration source: your website! It is full of company and hopefully value-add (why else would it be on your website to start with) content. Sections such as references, customer cases, news, FAQ, or even product items can be repurposed as content on LinkedIn or Twitter. Stop syaing that your followers/contacts/clients/prospects visit your website daily or weekly to read this stuff. Bring it to their door!

Onwards to more company approved content: the social media channels of your company. What is the company posting on the company accounts? Again a great source of content! ”Like” and “Share” it.

No content there? Maybe taking a look at the social media profiles of your marketers or CEO is your 2nd best shot.

Finally, there is your own content that you create. As a salesperson you are in touch with clients daily. They ask you questions and you have the answer (I hope). Why not use these questions to share your solutions and answers.

After the "Where?", there is the "how?". Using tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or even the LinkedIn or Twitter browser plug-ins will take care of the sharing in seconds! So spend less than 5 minutes to locate your thought of the day from the above sources to add value to and solve your client’s problems.

Curated content

One of the biggest mistakes to make is to assume all the content has to be created by you (or your company). Curating and sharing 3rd party content works wonders especially if you link your products to this. So finding content by other and sharing it with your clients and prospects will demonstrate that you are not only about pushing your own stuff but also willing to be informative and (somewhat) neutral. And here under your nose lies a ton of content. Open your eyes and share it!

In any industry there are influencers. Your clients are looking for independent information and that is what true influencers (mostly) try and share. By reading, sharing and adding your 5 cents of wisdom, you create an opportunity for visibility with your clients and prospects while being informative (aka trusted advisor status). And yes, they might have seen it, but at least you were the salesperson who brought it to their attention, again. Keep in mind they only have limited time to read industry stuff too.

Other good sources are industry websites and news sites. As a professional in your industry, you are following what is happening in your industry. There is a wealth of content awaiting your curation and subsequent sharing. You might even go so far as to point out how this is important for your clients.

As a salespeople you are by default curious and surf the web regularly randomly; and then you find good content accidentally. You will mark these website and share content from there at some point in your sales/buying cycle.

Finally, there are the social shares by your clients and prospects. What one client shared might be of use for another client. This offers you 2 great touchpoints with both clients: a) you can thank the client who found it for sharing it and b) share it so that other clients get the value from it.

Again after the "Where?", there is the "How?".

Follow your influencers on Twitter (via lists) and LinkedIn (you might want to use Sales Navigator here) to learn what they are saying. Tools like Hootsuite are great to bring it on one screen and allow for simple sharing. If you want to go one step further, you could use scripts from IFTTT to save the data in a Google sheet (if you want to know more about that just reach out to me and I will share my recipes and best practice with you).

The best way to get information from industry sites is using RSS feeds (feedly) or Google Alerts (search keywords)

A great tool to find content accidentally is stumble-upon. This tool will direct you to interesting websites based on your interests. Word of warning: do not spend too much time stumbling since it never ends.

There is a big choice of content curation tools from free tools such as LinkedIn Pulse, over Scoop-it, Scredible, Flipboard, Drumup, etc. to freemium tools (very long list and subject for another post)

Again spend 10 minutes to locate the content you want to share from the above sources or tools . And yes, create the visibility you need to stay on the radar but remember, ADD VALUE!

Please do no longer say you have no content. Use these 7 sources and let me know what is working or not?

Finally, what other sources and tricks do you use and want to share with fellow social selling professionals?

Mic Adam 15/8/2017 · #7

Do you have an app too? #5

Mic Adam 15/8/2017 · #6

#5 Thanks for the suggest and will give it a try

Stephen Walsh 8/8/2017 · #5

@mic adam thanks for this - really important to curate content for social selling and add value when you share. Humbly suggest another tool for your list: Anders Pink www.anderspink.com (I'm a co-founder). You can use RSS feeds, but also add sites, twitter influencers and filter by any topic and keyword, and it updates every few hours. Here's a stream of content on social selling from 40 top influencers for example: https://anderspink.com/briefing/3539/social-selling/1-month. Read, collaborate and share straight to social channels. Would love to hear what you and your followers here think! Thanks again for the great post.

Steve Jones 8/8/2017 · #4

Right Relevance and Buffer makes a combination with your morning coffee! #Content

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👥ed 🐝🐝🐤🐳🔥🚲

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Lisa Gallagher 7/8/2017 · #2

Wonderful article @Mic Adam. You made many valid points, sharing!

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Javier 🐝 beBee 7/8/2017 · #1

@Mic Adam this is great. Social selling is about sharing value-add content with your prospects and clients.

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