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Failing Forward

Failing Forward

Fear of failure often holds people so tightly in it’s grip it impedes the ability to  succeed. Fear can be a healthy thing when justified, but fear of failure is not healthy and something we need to better understand if we are to overcome it.

In simple terms fear is the inability to emotionally embrace actual or perceived risk, resulting in a flight, fight or freeze response. Often this fear is the learned and enforced response to the immense social stigma surrounding failure. We build this stigma up so much in our minds that it becomes the governing factor in our ability to allow ourselves to fail forward in the direction of success. There is no such thing as success without failure.

Every time you fear the consequences of taking positive or unique action it’s time to boldly move forward. if you succeed your fear will prove to be unfounded. If you fail you still succeed because now you have the experience you need to adapt, improvise and overcome. Understanding that failure is a natural and important part of any worthwhile endeavor is the catalyst you need to succeed.


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