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Share With Me

Share With Me

Our ability to share with one another is amazing in the modern era . We can communicate instantaneously, anywhere and any time. Yet we are more isolated than ever. We don't share in person, face to face, with eye contact, body language and an honest voice. Instead we toss our lives into the public eye like discarded fast food containers tossed out a window as we race at break neck speed along the internet highway. We carelessly share with a few stopping to pay attention and even fewer who truly care.

We share selfies like digital trading cards that scream, "look at me!", but we shun looking into another person's eyes for fear of what we may find there, terrified of being understood for who we really are. We hide in a jungle of zeros and ones hoping someone hears our primal electronic scream for attention.

Take time to step away from your computer and put down your phone. Share a real smile, a warm hug, a heartfelt tear. Look into someone's eyes. It's there that you'll find what you seek. It’s in the eye, face and touch of physical reality that we discover those around us, how our life has meaning and who we must truly strive to be.


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