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Since the invention of moveable type and printing presses, no greater technological advance in communication has assumed such a strong position in helping people spread news and views to more people further and faster than the information highway of zeros and ones. But as with many marvels of the modern world the ushering in of the age of the internet has served to both bring humanity closer together and tear it asunder.

If you’re anything like me one of my first acts of the day as I swing myself out of bed in the morning is to reach for my personal information device. Let’s not kid ourselves here. To call these things phones is akin to referring to formula one race cars as commuter vehicles. They are precision information dissemination devices. They are the new window on our world and fewer people around the globe are without them with each passing day. They have become a major force in not only how we communicate but how we understand and relate to one another.

I’m an information junky. I love to discover new things, communicate with new acquaintances and be informed as soon as stuff important to me happens. I don’t subscribe to a paper, find the local news about as interesting as drying paint and prefer the ability to interact instead of simply react to the world at large. My personal information device allows me to do this. In fact if I want to create or become the news I can do so from the palm of my hand, 24 hours a day, from nearly anywhere in the world. It’s as terrifying as it is amazing.

Let’s address the amazing first. Within seconds of a personal or natural disaster emergency responders can be dispatched and the world can watch the drama unfold. A person with one of these devices can share with the world what is happening in real time. Viewers can listen and watch whatever is considered newsworthy by the person wielding one of these devices. There’s no excuse to not know what’s going on in your neighborhood, across town or across the vastness of oceans. It’s always on, and always ready to provide the curious with information.

What about the terrifying aspects of being hooked into the information highway? It’s just as easy to share things with the world that are meant to horrify and hurt as it is to share helpful information and healing insight. With any number of political and dogmatic driven fanatics around the globe, the horror of missions carried out for the purpose of mass mayhem and terrorism stare us in the face, and we barely blink as we soak it all in as it happens. The question is does it serve a greater purpose to constantly and willingly expose ourselves to the stress inducing information we have available to us day in and day out? It’s literally killing us.

I believe in the basic freedom of speech. It’s