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Do You Even...Yes?

Do You Even...Yes?

It’s so easy to say NO. Ask sales professionals…they hear it so often that they create ways to overcome objection before they even have their first conversation. The crazy in this is sometimes you hear NO even though a YES would instantly add value. 

Why is this? Pretty simple. It’s just easier to say no – to do nothing. Sooooo frustrating...but check this:  It’s not just your customers who do this. You do it too. All. Day. Long. 


Oxford Dictionary defines Habit: a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

This is the crux of No. It’s a habit…and habits are most associated with BAD. I mean..you hardly ever hear someone being recognized for their good habits. Think on this. Let your mind wander to all of the bad habits you have…and some of the people you know. Try not to shudder.

Do You Even...Yes?

Your Sales Process is Your Bad Habit

Some of you may have already come to a realization that what you have been doing every day for the last decade or so is not giving you the kind of return you are used to. Rather…you find yourself with more problems. Problems like stress, inconsistent performance, fewer opportunities…fewer $$$’s. 

What you are dealing with is the SHift.  A SHift in the way Customers Buy…and a SHift in the value they are expecting from their vendors.

You don’t control the information anymore…you are not even the conduit. The customer is driving the bus, and you are way in the back…along for the ride.

Your sales process is your BAD HABIT.

Low Value Approach – Bad Habits

Successful activities that generated plenty of momentum in the past…don’t work so well anymore. A megaphone approach of noise and a flurry of activity similar to a brute force attack works the numbers angle…but does little to show value. Here is an example:

  • Heavy outbound calls and emails (Blitzkrieg) in an attempt to reach hundreds of contacts…and hope to set 3 new meetings PER WEEK.
  • Pitch…Pitch…Pitch. Why your company. Why not the Competition. Always pushing…always overcoming objection. Always closing.
  • Collect PO – Hand off to service team or partner for delivery.
  • Beat number…Repeat next quarter. Next Year. 

First…this sounds exhausting and defeating. Second…who has passion for this kind of stuff? Where is the personal and professional growth? These low value approaches enable NO. It expects NO, and it perpetuates NO.

You perpetuate NO with this approach.

Recognize Who Has the Juice

Look…I can’t imagine you are still reading this because you disagree with me. What you are looking for is a solution. You have a problem you need to solve. Know this truth…You don’t have the juice in your professional life. Your customer/client has the juice. They have the power to make or break you. THEY WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE POWER. You cannot out-juice them…convince them…WIN them. You MAY get lucky…but by and large, you will fail. They will default to NO…even if just to win themselves. You can try to fight this…but in the end…all you will do is exhaust yourself and still fail.

What you need to do is learn how to create VALUE.

Take an approach that more closely aligns with SERVING that customer and work on your skills to create a value to your customer, client…industry. 

And that means…create new habits.

High Value Approach – Good Habits

Develop a more relevant approach to building your business and spending your time:

  • Spend EVERYDAY building your brand online. You all read blog posts…but MOST of you don’t write them yourselves. MOST of you don’t have a brand. You allow your company or product be your brand. Why would you do that? Why would a company need YOU? You cannot manufacture passion on a label. That comes from YOU…your experience and your work. Start some conversations…have an opinion and share that opinion on social media…on platforms that are relevant.  Contribute to areas that you visit while researching trends and best practices that affect your customers or clients. Actually spend time curating your Network. Look for opportunities to connect people and make referrals. DO YOU EVEN YES? Get out…Meet MANY people…Get Online…Make connections HAPPEN.
  • As people respond to your consistent messaging and your posted activity…ask for meetings with them. Look back on your previous work history and reconnect with those who are relevant to your business. Start actually asking for referrals, leveraging your reputation and growing online content. Be the person that people contact for ideas on what to write. NEVER go into a meeting without researching the activity of the customer or client on Social Media. This kind of activity makes even your first meetings qualified opportunities…because you already know something of what they are thinking or problems they are trying to solve, based on what they are sharing.
  • Use the information you are collecting about your industry and prospect to prepare for EVERY meeting. For every prospect, invest time in reading, researching and educating yourself about each target’s industry, their business and related trends. Make ABSOLUTELY sure your solution has a VALUE to those industry challenges. Do this for EACH person expected to be in the meeting.
  • At each meeting, have a dialogue about the customer’s challenges and goals. Their Goals. Their Needs. Actively listen. Confirm what you are hearing…and start talking through ways you could solve problems. Remember…you have already done the work to ensure that your SOLUTION actually solves some of their industry challenges. This can be reinforced as you mutually consider potential scenarios to work together. These are the meetings to explore new ideas – to challenge DO NOTHING or WHAT THEY ALREADY HAVE (sales killers – here are 7 more). Have an opinion and share it. Be clear that you are interested in being valuable to them by offering solutions to THEIR problem…not for selling them something that you are incented to drive down their throat. That means being willing to refer your competitors if they are a better fit.

For Goodness Sake – Stop Making Customers Say No

No is default. It’s unconscious and you need to stop creating the objection. Stop presenting. Start being more educated about your business, the industry you serve and start asking your customers and clients some questions about the challenges you already know they are trying to solve. Then ask them about the challenges you DON’T know yet. Do it a lot. This has to be your passion.

Share your experiences with the INDUSTRY. Build a presence and start getting people to follow you. Get some backbone. Feel AWESOME for a change.

Your opinion is valuable. It’s why you are being paid. Go create more value…create more juice. Be that person.

Shift your View.


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Do You Even...Yes?