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Training with Tunes

Training with Tunes

When it comes to long periods of training on the bike, or when I am running (any distance), I am looking for something with a beat and a story.  I like to get lost in the words and surprisingly, some of the alternative sounds that come out of Alt Genre bands can hypnotize me.  Maybe I am just getting older and they remind me of what it felt like when my life was spread out in front of me.  Either way...I like getting lost back there.

I don't subscribe to ONLY matching cadence with beat...you have to also mix it up and push yourself even through the long slow hills, and straight line flats.  Some songs are snappy, some I added because they are/were popular, and others have an electronic groove that just lets me put one foot in front of the other, or pedal stroke after stroke.

I trained with this list last summer...and am in the process of switching out some old favorites.  I will start sharing these here on beBee Fit.  Would love to collect a host of playlists and start putting them into "types" of training.

I use Rhapsody and Apple Music.  Still trying to decide which service is superior.  Here is the link...take a listen...and Go SWEAT!