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You've Agonized Enough

You've Agonized Enough

You weighed the pro’s and cons. You asked for everyone’s advice. You have imagined every scenario. You have questioned yourself to the point of exhaustion.

You pulled the trigger and now you are committed. It’s butt pucker time. Good.

Enough with the dark thoughts. Enough with the stories of those who have failed before you. Who gives a shit what they did? It’s your turn.

Nobody endures agony in the moment…that’s just called pain…and it passes. The agony is when you know you COULD be doing something…and you aren’t, or you won’t…because you're afraid. So you dwell.

Don’t dwell.


Take the pain, absorb it…get used to it. Then kill it.

Stop thinking so much…it’s going to be GREAT!

Shift your view.


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You've Agonized Enough

Javier 🐝 beBee 8/10/2016 · #2

Buzz on !

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Javier 🐝 beBee 8/10/2016 · #1

"No hay mal que dure 100 años y cuerpo que lo resista". => " There is no evil that lasts a hundred years as there is no body that resists it. " .... enjoy your moments, enjoy your life !

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