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So, how do YOU evaluate an apparel factory from 10 000 kilometers away?? PART 4.

So, how do YOU evaluate an apparel factory from 10 000 kilometers away?? PART 4.

Parts 1-3: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

The next aspect, which covers a wide range of areas, and is also included in what I have previously discussed, is


So how do you determine if a factory is professional? First read parts 1-3 of this series.

Keep in mind the following, in no particular order.

1.Email. Does a supplier have a proper address that reflects their business? For US $ 1.50 a month, they can get a custom email address via Google. Not a massive investment, but jack@blizzardapparel.com, sounds a lot better than jackblizzardapparel@gmail.com (Apologies is such an address is used). A lot of factories, suppliers, or business people in general overlook this. Trust me. It is important.

2.Use my name. There is nothing that irritates me more (okay, there is, but that's next), than a cut and paste email, without my name at the top. Cut and paste is you need to, but spend 15 seconds writing my name. These emails probably have 10 000 bcc's. It is lazy. I do not want lazy suppliers and neither do you. See below. The funny thing is that he even congradulates me, like I have hit the jackpot.

3.Respect a request for a specific item, or location. This is my pet hate, and the bane of Linkedin's existance. If someone specifies, say, that they are looking for factories in Vietnam, respect that. If you are reading this and you a supplier from China, do not answer. It is extremely irritating for buyers, is not professional (unless the ability to not read a lead, somehow constitutes