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So, how do YOU evaluate an apparel factory from 10 000 kilometers away?? PART 5.

So, how do YOU evaluate an apparel factory from 10 000 kilometers away?? PART 5.

Please see my profile page for parts 1-4 of this series, on how to evaluate apparel factories from overseas.

This article will focus on YOU.


By now you will be at the stage where the factory can cost some of your items, to see if they are within your price range.

To do this the factory needs two items from you. A technical package and a graded garment specification. Contrary to what some think, a factory does not need a physical sample. In fact basing your gathering of quotes using physical samples is expensive, time consuming, extremely slow, and risky. All of these issues can be offset by good technical packages and garment specifications.

A good technical package should include, amongst other things,

  • A logical layout and order. Start broad and drill down.
  • A visual of the different color combinations of the style. Page 1
  • A detailed technical drawing, including stitches to be used. Page 2
  • A page dedicated to the embelishments if any, with detailed technique descriptions and measurements. Page 3
  • A page dedicated to trims, with detailed descriptions and measurements. Page 4

I did a detailed series of articles on technical packages. Part 1 of 6 can be found here Technical Package Part 1. The rest can be found in the article section of my Linkedin profile.

As mentioned a graded garment specification is also needed. I would also suggest sending your target prices at this stage, too. But this depends on how you want to negotiate.

End of Part 5. For any questions, please mail me on michael@offshoreapparel.net