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Two critical aspects in any supplier meeting.


Once I was working for a company, which had decided to hand off the full sourcing and operations of one of our brands to our US partner, as the brand was only distributed in America.

This required the operations guy to join me in China, for supplier follow up meetings. A really nice fellow. We walked into our first meeting with the intention of him handling it, and me giving input or taking over when there was a problem. I am in no way an expert, but after you do something a few hundred times, you develop a process.

Imagine my surprise, when the gentleman in question asked for the supplier's copy of the order, and started asking the status of each style. "When will the counter sample be ready?", "Labdip date?", "Artwork status?", etc. Keep in mind that there were about thirty styles with this supplier, and each had at least 5 separate questions minimum.

The supplier rattled out answers. The problem was that this gentleman was not writing anything down. He did not bring a pen and notebook, or any other implement to write anything down. You might think that this guy is an idiot, but he was very intelligent, just not when it came to formal meetings. Obviously, our MD who was with us blew a head gasket at this. Like anyone will remember one hundred odd answers in their head.

Funnily enough, I have seen suppliers do this as well, along