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Industrial professional looks to return to academia - the crowdfund story

Industrial professional looks to return to academia - the crowdfund story
Here I am outside the University of Hull Chemistry department with other PhD students and Dr. Michael Reithofer (on the far right) a leader in the field of organic synthesis.

I plan to return to academia for my PhD at the University of Hull and I am looking to crowdfund for it!

I have wanted to do a PhD for at least 2 decades, since I was a very young boy. When I graduated from University I applied for PhD courses and this continued at different institutions every year. That's 5 years of rejection!

Then this happens.

Industrial professional looks to return to academia - the crowdfund story

As such, I am hoping to raise money to help cover the costs of being a PhD student. The course costs £6,621 per year to be in the laboratory, this is the price quoted for the 2016/2017 academic year. My stretch goal is to raise the full amount I will need for tuition of £26,484.

The chemistry is very complex and I would love to discuss this at length as the potential is absolutely there. The research will start with how natural biocomposites like bone or nacre combine brittle and ductile components in a way to create strong, yet tough materials. By using such lessons from nature, this research will create complex composites with high strength, toughness, and damage tolerance.

I will work in a vibrant research environment, receiving training in materials research while collaborating with other research on 3D printing. Within this research group I will focus on the synthesis and characterization of self-healing elastomers and gels for 3D printing of complex composites as well as on testing the mechanical properties of the materials.

My work will put me alongside experts in the fields of chemical synthesis, materials design and mechanical engineering. It will build into an investigation of novel applications and will help define a future research agenda for this new technology.

After 5 years away from academia I have seen several of my friends go through funded PhD courses and I have seen the mental toll of balancing finances, mental health, ground-breaking research and workload. This is something I am wholly and passionately prepared for.

I just want to be able to balance and study a PhD without financial worry. Will you help make this dream become a reality for me please? If you cannot please do share this link or this article.

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Mike Kinnear.

Over £100 raised in day 1! 😍😍😍 can you help me further this? The momentum has to grow! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated I'm sorry I don't have anything to return yet. If you can find a use for me please message me!! - Mike.

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