How Amazon Fresh Expands the Kingdom of Ubiquity

Here is another reason to be an Amazon Prime member, Amazon Fresh is now under 15$ U.S. a month for subscription members.

Amazon Fresh was rolled out this summer in the UK and to select cities across the U.S. Amazon's secret plan to rival the likes of FedEx, UPS, and logistics companies is not so secret any more.

In an age of Google coming to the Home, the idea of ordering groceries is seeing more mainstream adoption. If Google is the instantaneous access to information, Amazon plans to have fulfillment centers to order anything you need, nearest you.

How Amazon Fresh Expands the Kingdom of Ubiquity

The Google of Consumables

For Amazon to have its own logistics system where:

Amazon aims to build a full-scale shipping and logistics network that will not only ship products ordered from Amazon, but also will ship products for other retailers and consumers...

It's positioning itself to be the Google of products, which it already is in a sense with Ecommerce growth. Beating competitors at their own game, is nothing new for Amazon.

Consume the City

In a world destined to have self-driving vehicles in the 2020s, robot delivery of goods through such a network is pretty much inevitable. Yes that means a lot of our basic needs pretty much automated.

Not only will Amazon consume our cities, it will be a deal for us! Amazon having its own delivery system would ensure that for holiday shopping and its Amazon Prime day held in July, everything would be perfect.