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Reflective Essay Should Give Philosophical Analysis of Your Experience

Reflective Essay Should Give Philosophical Analysis of Your Experience

Reflective essay writing will evaluate your innovative, imaginative and narrative skills

As the name suggests, a reflective essay should aim to recollect any event or a personal experience of the writer. Such essays evaluate the writing skills of the students while looking at their perception levels and observatory powers when dealing with a particular situation. Therefore it is essential that the students present their own perspective of social values and people in a unique way.

Hence, understanding of the topic is necessary for writing such essays, as the students need to connect their essay contents to the philosophical categories to assess the experience or the event in a proper manner. For example, while writing an essay on compassion, the students can reflect certain episode in their life that has left a trace of this attribute. At the same time the students can relate passion with compassion while exposing the differences between the two in their reflective essay.

For this purpose a few guidelines given below can help the students to write an excellent essay. However, it is advisable that the students also look at other papers like a persuasive essay to understand the art of essay writing fully well.

Topic of the essay

While an essay outline will remain the rubric of this essay, the structure of such essays cannot be limited to the rigid frame of normal essay writing such as https://uk-essays.org/ that has the introduction, essay body and conclusion parts. The fact that some event or experience is being reflected upon by the writer gives advantage to narrate the event sometimes nostalgically.

The opening paragraph or a page should be devoted to the topic and its question. This will require the students to formulate a thesis statement based on the experience. For example, if the student is reflecting upon a terminally ill patient within the family, the plight of the patient would be sufficiently explained while giving importance to the fact that everyone in the family is also experiencing pain as they wait for the incoming death. Therefore, this can bring the question of the ‘right to die’ to the forefront.

Essay structure

The main body of the reflective essay should be written in a cohesive manner that allows smooth transition of the information from one issue to the other, while all issues relate to the topic and thesis statement only.

Although the students can exercise certain flexibility in the essay format, it is essential that they maintain the required writing style as desired by their tutors or the College Board. Therefore the students must familiarize themselves with the requirements of APA or MLA and other styles. However, it is necessary that the students keep the text of the essay consistent with the same writing style.


This can be just like the moral of a story. While the students would relate the concluding part of the essay with their chosen topic, they must reinforce their viewpoint in the conclusionwith an affirmation of their thesis statement.