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TED Talks to Inspire Barristers

TED Talks to Inspire Barristers

A barrister is a critical member of the courtroom, specializing in advocacy and litigation. There are many tasks that are delegated and taken on by barristers. A person in this legal position could do anything from drafting legal pleadings to researching the philosophy hypothesis and history of law, as well as giving legal opinions.

If you have experienced a TED Talk, you might understand how well they can affect your work in many ways. If you are aspiring to be, or already are, a Barrister, you may be surprised at how many of these talks could impact your work and aspirations in the field. Here are just a few of the major TED Talks that could change you for the better.

Think Like a Lawyer

Adam Lange is a Grinnell graduate who has studied Political Science as well as Gender and Sexuality as well as Women’s studies. His litigation history includes cases of alleged discrimination under the American’s with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act, and similar acts more specific to New York State. This talk can help establish ways to re-focus your advocacy thinking into a legal mindset, critical for any aspiring lawyer.

How I defend the rule of law

Kimberley Motley provides a passionate speech concerning 3 cases she had litigated under her international legal practice. She is very interested in the concept of ‘justice’ and what that means in the field of law. She is a deep thinker about the rule of law in courts around the world, and her Talk will change how you view justice itself.

Four ways to fix a broken legal system

Philip K. Howard is the founder of Common Good, a non-profit organization dedicated to overhauling the US legal system and reinvigorating the justice system. He believes that there is too much ‘red tape’ in the country, and that the land of the free has become a ‘legal minefield,’ especially for teachers and doctors, who face (in his opinion) too much fear of litigation.

TED Talks have become the foremost presentation and public speech platform for experts in a variety of fields. For legal professionals you might find a far more diverse range of opinions than you are familiar with, which can deepen and extend your ability to litigate as an advocate and barrister.

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Masy Law Aug 15, 2020 · #3

I know Philip K. Howard. He is amazing and does excellent work. Thanks for the very well written piece

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