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"Love's Sacrifice"

"Love's Sacrifice"



"Love's Sacrifice"

Mommy, I miss you- 

why aren't you here?

Oh honey, I wish I could be- 

but please know 

my heart is always near.

But Mommy, 

what are you doing 

that is more important than me?

Baby, you are the world, 

you are the stars, 

you are the sea.

And this is why I do what I do- 

it is all for thee.

Not a day goes by 

that my feet don't want to run to you,

nor a night 

that my arms don't ache to hold you.

This is what I tell myself 

and what I'm now telling you-

Our souls are entwined forevermore;

this journey is one 

that will be remembered in lore.

In body, we may seem far-

But in spirit, that's where we are.

In the Dream of dreams-

I do my part,

As a Mother SHOULD do...

For Children deserve better,

An opportunity of what COULD be.

Devesh 🐝 Bhatt Apr 8, 2017 · #1

If i may, something my grandmother used to say :

But when it is love. You do what you do . When it is love it is no sacrifice to you, but something that must be done.

If thing must be done and you give it all, why the regret?

The thing with people today is this that they are stuck midway. They neither accept the surrender, nor live their freedoms. Both co exist because we chose the direction of freedom.

I do not know if it is right or wrong in your context, but it worked for the one who got it and i believe it works for me :)