Next gig wanted!

Next gig wanted!

Looking for your next gig in the technical field? 

 Me too. Sorry if that first sentence got your hopes up. 

I want to talk to others about their experiences trying to find a job in the niche they are good at. I'm a content manager/web producer/digital content specialist/you name it...there are lots of titles for what I do. Head down web production/publishing. Thats what I do. But when I search job boards it seems I only find developers or web administrators that have skill and experience that I don't have, like SEO, Analytics, etc. 

So how do I go about finding this great job for me that is out there somewhere? I'm making as many recruiter contacts as I can and sending my resume to as many as I can. I've had a few good conversations but they always end with "We'll keep an eye out for an opportunity that is aligned with your skill". Its not their fault. I believe they are being earnest when they say they will help me find a job. After alll, thats how they get paid. 

 if you are so inclined, please respond or PM me with some tricks and tips on job searches for a niche...a title with lots of names and a narrow skill level. Until I study enough to land a job as a developer, I could use some help!

Gideon Kwabla Amewornu Nov 3, 2019 · #4

Any ways, I can still render some help regarding your situation. Thank you.

Gideon Kwabla Amewornu Nov 3, 2019 · #3

#2 Hi Michelle, sorry for the late reply, was a bit under the weather but I am fine now. Back to your question, sure I am into Information Technology, specifically Systems Infrastructure and Unified Communications (UC).

Michelle Lawson Oct 28, 2019 · #2

#1 Thank you Gideon! Are you in the same field as I am?

Gideon Kwabla Amewornu Oct 26, 2019 · #1

I think that is a very good idea.

+1 +1